Donkey Kick Thursday

When: 03/09/17

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Nacho, Mufasa, Zima, DeVito, T.O., Moonshine, Foghorn, Murdock, Miller Time

Another glorious morning at the Rubicon with 38 degree’s, no wind and 9 men ready to sharpen some iron!  Everyone looked like they wanted to run so off we went up to the Children of the Corn.

Warm Up – SSH, CH Squats, Toy Soldiers, Cotton Pickers

The Thang

Another Mosey to us to the community center wall for a 1:3 Ratio Mercan to Donkey Kick Bonanza.  We made it to 9 : 27 with great determination.

Off to the Planters for some variety time of IC Dips x 20, Box Jumps x 1min OYO, Elevated Pop Jacks (Lots of mumble chatter about flexibility issues), Dips and Step Ups.

FOD Time – Starting at Home Plate we bear crawled to first base with a mercan every 3 seconds, run to the foul pole, 20 LBCs, Run to opposite foul pole, 20 Squats, run to Third base, Bear crawl again with 3 second mercan’s, 20 Mountain Climbers at Home plate.

Repeat with Reverse LBC’s, Squat Jumps and Peter Parkers

Sprint to the Flag (or the spot where Foghorn was supposed to plant the flag and subsequently did)

MARY – Rosalita, LBC’s, J-Lo’s


  • Recap of new organizational structure and why
  • Reminder of 3rd


  • Nice to see Zima posting back to back and leading a MARY exercise
  • Lion King always willing to step up when others are out. Full time Co-Q out with a Rib injury (get better soon) and Mufasa jumps in to straighten out the PAX on any incorrect form.
  • Nacho showing extra effort by biking to the AO
  • Always my pleasure to serve as YHC and Q

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  1. Peter Parkers Mountain Climbers, needed to clarify the call! YHC couldn’t get there fast enough, but Peter Parkers were the last thing he heard.


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