Blades of Glory?? Nice pull.

When: 3/8/17

QIC: Callahan

PAX (): Sunshine, Captain Stubing, Boomer, Moon Toes, Piggie, The Dab, Flo,

Eight men showed their snooze button who was boss this morning and got stronger…here’s what went down. Mosey around the lot.  Slide left, slide right, high knees and butt kickers.  Circle up for SSH, Cotton Pickers and Merkins.

The fun started on the way to the church…

Chatter began as we got to the church campus and somehow Sunshine woke up quicker than usual and threw out a dance hands and Blades of Glory reference.  I was impressed by the pull personally, so well done Mr. Sun.  That got us rolling.

Mini Lietenant Dan as we did 4 sets to get the blood pumping.  Continue the mosey.

Partner up on the track.  As one partner runs a lap, the other partner starts the first workout. Alternate once the runner makes the lap.  The party was dropping BOMBS as follows:

50 Burpees

100 Overhead Claps

150 Merkins

200 Big Boy Situps

250 Squats

Mosey back through the parking lot, hit a few lunges to bring the six in, then continue the mosey. Once back at the flag, we had only a minute for flutters and Freddy Mercury.

COT:  Prayers for Flo and his family as his dad is entering his last days possibly.  Pray for strength for Flo and his mom.  Praise for Dab’s wife as she had a great experience at a new school…cool God story.  Pray for Stubing’s buddy Matt after the loss of one of their twins who was born prematurely…and for the other baby that is still not out of the woods.  May we all seek to be a solid friend to those around us.  We’ve all got stories in our lives that no one knows about…we can be a light to those that are hurting and just need someone to reach out to them.  Go love on someone!

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