5 ruck on the 4th

When: 3/4/17

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): Cookie, DefConII, Devito, Flo

5 PAX for a Ruck this morning at Widow-maker before the Dosido beatdown with 3 different start times. Weather conditions near perfect, 31 degrees, 1 mi / hr wind and clear skies. YHC, notorious for not much advance notice, failed to communicate effectively there would be a 2.5 hr Ruck/Beatdown combo to start at 0545 from Bagel Boys. Sometimes it happens that way that things in life don’t always give much advance notice, but that’s no excuse for not being clear about intentions. YHC is working to improve on that.

3.84 mi was the official distance recorded by Devito on his GPS, an efficient sub 15 min / mile were the splits. In that time we had to account for circling back to the start to pick up the #pre30 PAX.

Rucking allows for a lot of discussion and chewing the fat about various topics, not the least being Atlanta United FC, playing their inaugural MLS match this weekend. Different smells in the air, and we had the whiff of some good Indian curry stewing somewhere around the AO.

Good work those who completed 2 hrs or 90 minutes of high intensity activity this morning!


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