The Shot Heard Round Milton Ave.

When: 03/03/2017

QIC: Q? We have a Q?

PAX (): Crack, Foghorn, Def Con II, Millertime, Ha-ha

Winter returned to Milton Ave. this morning as the faithful plus Millertime (new faithful) gathered to meet the FNGs Foghorn had rounded up.  As 5:30 got there, no FNGs so we picked from our extensive list of loops in the 5 mile or so category.  We are fortunate in the Hoppy-like AO to have a lot of sidewalks and street lights to keep us from becoming road kill so most directions work out well.  We decided to revisit “the hill” past the Verizon Amphitheater and circle North Point Mall before returning up Haynes Bridge Road.

We always try to follow the no man left behind at Hoppy-like which gets us a varied pace depending on the PAX that post.  This morning without anyone saying anything about pace, Crack shot up Roswell Street like out of a cannon!  And the gauntlet was thrown down.  The pace was brisk, the hills attacked with gusto and we stayed within earshot of each other until the last half mile or so.  Quickest half mile split was 7:50/mile with an average pace (with “the hill”) of 8:31/mile.  Not bad for a bunch of guys that “hate to run”.

Good to see Millertime out kicking it this morning and the regulars Crack, Foghorn, DC2 and YHC. Come out and join the herd (I looked it up. A group of rabbits is a herd).  We don’t always push this hard on the pace but we always have fun!

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