We’re gonna need a smaller rock…

After a summer of record high temps and high humidity, Fall-like weather has never been more well-received by a group of men. YHC took the Q for Peanut, and excitedly so. Boomer’s right… inflicting pain on another person can be quite the thrill, and YHC had 13 such persons to mess with this morn.

As someone once said.. “Keep it simple, stupid.” Here’s what happened.

The Warmup:

Mosey to the FOD.. gather in center field for a few stretches.
SSH x 15
Cotton Mill x 15
Hillbilly x 15
Merkins x 12

The Thang:

Scout Run. Slow jog the perimeter of FOD in single file, lead man SPRINTS to next station, then report back to the group. Some run long, some run short, depending on chance.. Stations: Left Pole, Right Pole, Home Plate.

Realizing this exercise is not best with more than 7-8 PAX.. too much down time for PAX. Also realizing, this PAX either doesn’t know what SPRINT means or they just don’t like to do it.

Werewolves.. because this exercise will turn men to beasts and back again to man. Partner up, line up at right foul pole. 1st partner does 30 merkins while 2nd partner bear crawls around perimeter of FOD. When 1st partner is finished with merkins, sprint to catch up with 2nd partner, who begins 30 merkins while 1st partner begins bear crawl.

Complete full circle around FOD, rinse and repeat with LBCs in place of merkins.

Finish with 20 slow squats, 20 second air chair.

Mosey to rock pile… Grab a LARGE rock.. before I tell you what the exercise is.. MOVE AWAY FROM THE SMALLER ROCKS.

Mosey to Community Center with the rock! Some grumbling here.. and for good reason as we found out.. And is that Hickory going back to the rock pile for a smaller rock as soon as YHC turns his back??

Finish miserable mosey to CC field..

Variation of Jack Webb. 1 rock merkin, 5 rock plank jacks, 2 rock presses.. Continue 1/5/2 ratio up to 5/25/10.

We brought rock to CC, it must go back somehow. MOSEY!… (Some chatter of forming new rock pile at CC for convenience sake/outright laziness)

Hickory got the group going with Mary at the flag while YHC covered the six..



  • Mufasa back at Wills, good to be humbled once again by a HIM two decades your senior.
  • THREE #respects this morn. If all three return, we’ll have four on Thursday. WOW.
  • Good showing by Fondue, who has earned his own Cal Ripken award for consistency. As others have said.. Fon-“DO” is right. The guy never gripes, just does.
  • Good to see recent FNGs show consistency.. So So Def, Murdock.
  • Giordi was with us as well. That guy is suffering through a knee injury, still showing.. (ahem, DC2)
  • The Dab showed strength by winning this edition of Merkin Madness. Nacho grows tired of winning at all things F3, shows generosity??
  • No better way to humble a runner than to call the bear crawl.. lots and lots of bear crawl.. right, Hickory?
  • Big South shows he also can take on The Hooch and The Rubicon in a single bound. I think he’s swallowed the #DRP completely.
  • Do-si-do wins the YETI this morn.. That’s one expensive cooler, and worth the price of F3 involvement.
  • Cooky is fast, and a true HIM for not taking that cooler home himself. Temptation may have been too much for YHC! ¬†#analysis


Prayers and gratitude! Thankful for MASH, who is no longer pre-diabetes!! #F3counts

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