Webb Bridge Middle Pre-Blast

When: 08/27/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Only God Knows

I think it’s fair to say that the Rubicon and the Hooch are 2 of the best AOs in F3 Nation. Many visiting pax have AO envy as they admire the spectacular attributes that accurately describe our AOs. So why are we going somewhere new and ignoring our beloved AOs? Well, it’s time to keep growing, find new pax, and take on new challenges.

So get ready for some old favorites at a new locale. We are going to crawl like bears, carry some partners, and hump a monkey or two. Make sure to not get those exercises (activities as Simba says) confused. YHC might even come up with something new. And we will mosey. Unlike Dosido who promises moseying and instead drops a horrible deck of cards, we will mosey.  So post at Webb Bridge Middle School and prepare to explore another one of Alpharetta’s finest parks.

Call a sadclown. Don’t drink too much tonight. Start the weekend with your daily red pill.

See you in the gloom.


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