Cure Your Dad-Bod! Hoppy-Like 8.26.16


PAX (): All HIMs

Are you suffering from the condition commonly referred to as ‘Dad-Bod’**? Do you post regularly to weekly boot camps, only to find that while you are gaining strength and accountability, your mid-section is still the subject of your M’s disgust? Do you rarely post, and need a swift kick in the butt to get you going? Well, YHC would like to talk to you about a revolutionary new treatment called ‘stop drinking all that craft beer and eating solid foods..’***

No? Then post to the Friday morning runs and watch that midsection and man boobs**** tighten overnight! Guaranteed, or your money back!***** But wait, there’s more! While boot camp is tough as nails, nothing pushes your mental endurance like a constant 4-7 mile run, at 7-9 minutes/mile.****** Your mind (and M) will thank you! All ability levels welcome and encouraged! See you in the gloom, streets of Alpharetta.

**If you do not suffer from ‘Dad-Bod’ condition, please consider posting and serving as motivation for what our bodies could look like. This world won’t function without leaders.
***Ever hear of ‘brewer’s droop’? You really should cut back on the hops. All food must be pureed into mush prior to ingestion.
****Primary symptom of ‘brewer’s droop’.
*****All zero dollars!
******Subject to change based on the ability of all PAX. We start and finish as a group!

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