Putting in some leg work at the HOOCH

14 PAX entered the gloom and returned out of the other end beaten up, but not broken. Great #mumblechatter out there including encouragement and laughs.  We have a few #Hooch faithful out travelling today (possibly a few fartsackers too) so remember to keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they are away and as they make their way home (or get out of bed).  The group as a whole continues to grow in numbers (wide) and in fellowship (deep).  That makes YHC smile.  Keep it up with the goal of giving it away b/c this is more than a workout.  EH the guys you haven’t seen in a while and continue working on potential FNGs (#sadclowns).

Here’s what went down…

Warm-up: Mosey lap with side shuffles and high knees.  Back around to the flag for front leg kicks, SSHs, Squats…various #s of reps all in IC

Suicides: Mosey to the lot behind the soccer field for suicides.  10 mike Tysons at the start followed by 5 pop-squats at the first island (return to start), then 10 mike Tysons at the start followed by 10 pop-squats at the second island (return to start), 10 Mike Tyson’s at the start followed by 15 pop-squats at the third island (return to start), and finally 10 Mike Tyson’s at the start followed by 20 Pop-squats at the far end of the lot.  Return to the start and Plank work while we wait on the six and recover with a 10 count.

BurpeeChaser meets PokemonGo: Mosey over to the PC parking lot for some Burpee Chaser fun.  Partner-up.  Partner A does 5 burpees while partner B is free to roam anywhere in the lot as long as they are moving backwards.  Partner A finishes the Burpees and has to locate B then chase down B.  Once A tags B, they switch.  We go for about 10 minutes- lots of burpees, running, and laughs.  2% got busted as a “fish out of water”.  Never mind, those are Marco Polo rules.  Swiss caught him anyway.

Feel the Bern and Al Gore: Short Mosey over to “chapel hill” where we got political.  Start in a line and run down to the bottom of the hill, run backwards back up the hill and Al Gore for the six.  Next round- down up down up  and Al Gore for the six.  Next round-down up down up down up and Al gore for the six.  Final round- down up down up down up down up and Al Gore for the six.  I dislike politicians more now than I did a 5:30am. #crowdpleaser.

Clock Merkins: 10 feet on the curb hands on the ground merkins, rotate to 10 left hand/foot on the curb right hand/foot on the ground merkins, rotate to hands on the curb feet on the ground merkins, and rotate to right hand/foot on the curb left hand/foot on the ground merkins.  It is like a clock, but we actually went counterclockwise.  Mind blown.

Lt Dans: Line up for some fun with our old friend Lt Dan.  1 squat/4 lunges, 2 squats/8 lunges….8 squats/32 lunges.  QIC called early due to time running short.  The PAX mumbled about sore legs or something along those lines as we headed back to the flag.  YHC learned that Sunshine ripped his trouser during the squat session so we almost renamed him Moonshine.

Mary:  All IC- LBCs, Side Plank toe touches, Side Plank toe touches (other side), and flutters (regular/ double time/ and long slow)


COT: Prayers up for Mr. Drummond’s oldest daughter, the wreck near the church this past Sunday and all parties involved, praise for Boomer and the sale of his home, my buddy and their adoption process, and for a ministry partner’s family in South Africa who died unexpectedly.  Thanks to Swiss for lifting up praise and our petitions to the almighty.

Moleskin: Second F event tomorrow night- 7:30 Twisted Taco;  Saturday beat down this week @ Webb Bridge Middle School 6:30-7:30.  Friends, Neighbors, or Men you may not even like are welcome!

Coffeteria: Good conversation(YHC, Simba, Miyagi, and Sunshine) regarding legacy and passing on work ethic to the 2.0s and the next generation we influence whether we have 2.0s or not.  What does it look like in theory and real life?  Lots to chew on there.

Nice work today, honored to lead this A.M.


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