When: 08/20/16

QIC: Crack

PAX (): DoSiDo, Murdock, Flo, Boomer, YHC

While trucks were being organized a the Rubicon so that young children could see and touch them, men were assembling in front of City Hall. Still not sure who was supposed to see and touch them. Probably just their M’s. Either that, or Touch-A-Stud needs new marketing management. That place was empty, except for the 5 Studs on display. Of course, studs don’t just park and sit there, they make things happen. Here’s what went down…

Mosey to the Publix parking lot for a quick set of suicides: 5 CCDs on the way out and add 5 each time. 10 curb hops upon each return.

Over to the traffic circle for an impromptu warm-up session: 6 windmills IC – well windmills were called, but someone actually did cottonmills and the rest of the astute PAX followed along – followed by 10 imperial squerkins IC.

Into the lower entry of the parking deck. Run up one level, 2 burpees, run down the stairs. Repeato to the next level adding 2 burpees each time. Repeato all the way to the top. Flo and Boomer plank for the 6.

40s: LBCs and LBCRs. Hold 6″ for the 6 and then head out of the deck to grab a rock.

During the mosey, Boomer notices a construction site in which there are numerous boulders that have obviously been removed during excavation. He makes his way to grab one of these boulders – probably in the 300-400 lb range – whilst the rest of us grab a typical rip rap rock. As we head toward our field, start with lunge walks and finish with a mosey.

At the field, Dora 1-2-3 with your coupon: 100 American Hammers (what fool called them Russian Twists?) while the other did lunge walk (no coupon), 200 curls with bear crawls (could those be done with a coupon), and 300 coupon presses with side shuffles or karaoke. Back to drop your coupon off slowing again for a lunge walk. It was during the lunge walk we noticed Boomer’s 300 lb boulder was actually just a handful or two of either 57 stone or, as Flo speculated, crush and run.

Back to the flag for Mary by Boomer… you know that makes his heart flutter! COT


  • Nice to meet Murdock and glad he came back for moredock. He is out of town next week, so I promised I didn’t run him off. That dude loved it!
  • I keep telling you guys to watch out for DoSiDo. He caught me (which may not be saying a ton…) on the top level of the deck. I’m pretty sure he even stopped to nap along the way and still caught me.
  • Prayers up to our brother, Swiss Army. He wasn’t there, but his new focus at Perimeter Church was discussed. No doubt that dude will produce some positive momentum.
  • Eyes (twitter) and ears (posting) for next week’s Saturday AO. Will it be Webb Bridge Park? Will it be Newtown? Will it be South Forsyth HS? Only time will tell, but Boomer is slated to run the Q!

SBNB, Crack!


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