Hoppy Like BB 8.19.16

When: 8/19/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Giordi, Foghorn

Two PAX took the red pill on a Friday morning. 4.3 miles. Giordi is struggling through a knee injury, and came out anyways. To YHC, this is the value of the Friday run.. establishing an option for those guys who may be more interested in running than boot camp (gasp!). Not saying YHC is one of those, but Giordi certainly is. YHC is challenging himself to be more consistent with the Hoppy-Like now that the family is just a few minutes down the road, and hoping to gain some traction with this event for others to join. We’ll start pushing distance and speed again next Friday, but maintain the approach of catering to all ability levels to encourage beginners to join.

Prayers for the men of Alpharetta. Praise for God’s blessings, specifically allowing us to be more involved in our local churches. Prayers for Giordi’s knee!

See you then.

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