Building the Plane While We Fly It!

When: 08/16/16

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Foghorn, Crack, MillerTime, The Dab, LawDog, Fondue, NachoLibre, M.A.S.H.

YHC made the trek over to the #Rubicon to pick up what they have been laying down on Tuesdays and was pleased to pull up to a couple of PAX getting themselves ready to face the beatdown and the rest of their day.  The normal mumble chatter was flying about and questions were raised regarding the Q for the day.  Crack had invited the faithful out for a pre-15 and since Nacho’s ride was in the lot we figured he joined him.  Surely one of them had plans to lead.  Nope.  They show up at the bottom of the hour looking just as confused.  Who wants it?  YHC grabs it and begins to Build the Plane While We Fly It, but first had to confirm with the group that this is the no less running workout option.

Editor’s note: Saw some chatter on the Tweeter that Peanut is suffering from an unfortunate reaction to poison ivy. Prayers your way buddy, hope you heal up soon.

The Warm-up:

Mosey up to the parking lot near the pool, then SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Long-Slow-Cotton Pickers, and Merkins all in IC

Running the Block:

YHC lined the pax up as a group on a section of curb that stretched about 40 yards between two islands. Starting on one side, we quick stepped on the curb moving to our right as group to the other island and busted out 10 merkins, returned to the original island moving to our left in the same way for 9 merkins, rinsed and repeated back and forth until we finished that final merkin.  Yes LawDog, that is an old soccer drill.


Next up we gathered on one end of the lot to start some rounds of 45seconds. The QIC sets the timer and offers up an exercise that the group AMRAPs for 45s.  Once completed we mosey to the next spot for another round of 45 seconds of AMRAP OYO with a different exercise.  During this time we did some Dips, Cross-over merkins, Broad-Jump Burpees, Mike Tysons (thanks again Sharona), Inch Worm Merkins, LBCs, Gorilla Squats, etc, etc.

*we paused on the mosey halfway through because M.A.S.H.’s knee was acting up, but picked it back up once he confirmed he could go

*there was also some mumble chatter (CRACK) with YHCs tendency to go off script while calling the PAX to work which led us to the LEXICON LESSON OF THE DAY: EXERCISE MEANS START EXERCISE

Letting the Indians run the tribe:

Mosey down to the F.O.D. for a big indian run lap. Traditional Indian run, but with a slight twist.  The PAX that sprints from the back calls halt and an exercise when he gets to the front of the line.  All exercises performed I.C. and everyone got a turn.  LawDog introduced us to a new exercise called “Cat Raises”.  They are really calve raises, but LawDogs call sounded eerily close to “Cat Raises”.  I guess you had to be there, laughter ensued.  We learned that MASH has the best IC count and that slow Merkins are awful (thanks Nacho).

Note: No cats were raised and/or harmed during the filming of this broadcast

Mosey back for some Merry or Mary (I never know which): All in IC with perfect IC set-up (Crack would have been so proud if he hadn’t left early)- Freddie Mercs, Hindu Push-Ups, Crab Toe Touches, Break Dancers, Peter Parkers.  (Crack would have been disappointed b/c YHC likely called some exercises by something other than their F3 name)

MOLESKIN: Join the crew Thursday night @ Tarahumata on Winward 5:30

COT- Prayed for all of our marriages (specifically Nacho’s upcoming marriage) and all the roles we carry as men.  Honored to lead and be led by you.  Continue to encourage those in your circles to enter the gloom.  What would it look like if each one of us sponsored an FNG in the next month?

Thanks to Nacho for asking about my old man, and for the circle of guys who stood around and offered encouragement.  Thankful to call you brothers!


Note: All references to Crack are in good fun and in no way should be construed as an invite to a Twitter war and/or wrestling match.

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