We go to 11.

When: 08/15/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Hickory Stick, Flo, Simba, Mr. Drummond, Happy, Foghorn, Sunshine, Swiss, 2%, Cookie, Piggie, The Bear, Mr. Belding, Chipper, Peachy, Callahan, El Matador, The Dab, Squirrel

20 pax set a new Hooch record on the first day of school for many 2.0s all over our great city. YHC wondered why so many former sadclowns (YHC included) are hooked on the gloom-filled beatdowns. Besides the obvious health benefits and fellowship, YHC has seen an impact by beginning the day with hard things. It seems to energize YHC to take on any challenge with the same mentality needed for each day’s beatdown. And YHC loves feeling ready to jump from the gloom to the light of day, regardless of what the SkyQ has planned. But enough of YHC’s musings. Here is what happened.

Quick warmup and disclaimer. SSH, squats, merkins. Short because Flo smelled like trash. Had to get away from that guy.

Mosey to new spot of Perimeter where there is a beautiful wall at the bottom of a short hill. 11s with burpees at the bottom and Makhtar N’Diayes. Oh, burpees included a jump to the top of the wall. Bear crawl up the hill as well.

Mosey to the playground and divide into 2 groups because we were too big. Great problem to have. Half the group did 11’s with swerkins and Carolina Dry Docks. Other group did 11’s with pullups and hand release merkins. Switch once finished with one 11.

Mosey back to the flag with a couple stops for the 6. Once for LBCs, and once for some squats and lunges. Circle up for 5 MOM. Flutterkicks (YHC promised nice gentle beatdown and thats why YHC called for flutters), Rosalita, Dolly, and Freddy Mercury made appearances.

COT and BOM.


  • Welcome Mr. Belding. Respect and glad you made it out.
  • Its time to grow again, but where? Email or tweet your home address to YHC or Hickory Stick so we can look for a new AO.
  • Speaking of growth, who is passionate about their neighborhood/community and all current AOs are a little too far away for the sadclowns in your life?
  • Honored to lead today. Still surprised that others will do the stupid crap YHC comes up with.

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