The Flag Returned

When: 08/11/16

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Crack, Do-Si-Do, Miller Time, Cookie, Boomer, Nacho Libre, Fondu, Grits, Hickory Stick

YHC pulled up to the parking lot at the usual 5:27 glad to see the flag had returned.  It was a wonderful sight to see. Having watched the Olympics this week, there is nothing more inspirational and patriotic than Americans putting forth maximum effort as individuals and teammates. So what better way to honor the flag’s return than maximum effort as individuals and the Pax of F3 Alpharetta.

Thanks to a time assist by Boomer, On to the thang at 5:30 sharp.

After a short warm up with imperial walker, side straddle hop, and cotton pickers, the Pax moseyed to the start of the merkin mile. Instead of the usual merkins, YHC decided to add a little competition to the mix to see who was ready to push themselves to the front of the Pax. The first person to the speed bump or intersection called the exercise for a 10 count on your own. YHC called 10 merkins at the start and the pax was off. Do-Si-Do, Miller TIme, Nacho, Cookie and Hickory were among the first to blast form the starting gate. I believe Cookie claimed the gold with the first exercise. All together we performed squats, lunges, merkins, LBCs, burpees, box cutters and more with several of the Pax making the call.

On to the play ground for some pull-ups and merkins. Partner up and rotate between as many pull-up and merkins for 3 sets. Wall Chair until everyone was done.

Mosey to the rock pile. As always the Pax mumble chatters about size. All YHC could say is probably not as big as Nacho will chose. Mosey with the rock to the hill.  Again partner up for some more teamwork. One partner begins with curls while other partner runs up the hill for 5 genuines. Switch and continue until 200 curls as a team. Then 200 rows with shoulder press squats. From there we returned the rocks and moseyed back to the flag for some ring around Marys. LBCs, Reverse LBCs, Dollies, Freddie Mercuries, and box cutters. Boomer called it a 6:15.


Prayers for those who are sick.

2nd F events will be starting up soon now that school is under way. Hickory will be posting info on when and where.



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