The H.I.M. Factory or Bermuda Triangle?

When: 08/10/2016

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Simba, Boomer, El Matador, Piggy, Sunshine, 2%, Miyagi, Peachy, the Dab, Mr. Drummond, Happy, BIG SOUTH, Shawshank, Swiss

Big showing at theHooch this A.M., 15  strong entered the assembly line at the HIM factory.  All entered and all made it out the other end.  The end of the beatdown was one of the strangest to date, but more on that later.  As always, honored to lead and be led by you this A.M.

YHC arrived at theHooch at around 6:25 and was surprised to see a large group of PAX awaiting his arrival.  There was a little mumble chatter regarding a “Weinke”, but YHC wasn’t phased.  6:30 hit and it was time to start.

Warm-up:  Mosey Lap with high knees, butt-kickers, and some side shuffles.  Circle up and say good morning to Swiss, 2%, and Mr. Drummond.  Circle up for SSHs, Alternating front kicks, and Hillbillies all in I.C.

The Main Event: Assembly line

Quick mosey to the rock pile where each PAX grabbed a rock and a partner.  YHC laid out papers creating stations with various exercises on the side walk and each pair filled a different station.  Some stations required the rock and some did not.  At the end of the sidewalk, there was a hill running station which required.  This pair would “run” up the hill to the gate toting the rock while the other stations did their exercise.  When they returned they would go to the back of the line while the other pax group moved one station the right with their rock.  Another group would run up the Hill, while the pax worked.  They returned, the PAX moved again and so on and so on.  Each paper at the stations had round 1, round 2, and round 3 exercises including but not limited to: Rockees, Alternating Lunges, Crossover Merkins, Windshield wipers, Rocket Squats, Crane Lunges, Pikes, American Hammers, Curls, Skull Crushers, Plank Hi-Fives, Alt. Side Lunges, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers, and others.

The clock struck 6:10 so YHC called it about 2.5 rounds in.  Quick mosey back to the flag for some rapid flutters and gas pumpers.

Bermuda Triangle:

This is where it starts getting interesting.  Miyagi informed YHC that he is going to “take it easy” on the mosey back to the flag.  Remember, always modify if necessary.  Simba’s concerns for Miyagi grows as we circle up post gas pumpers.  He doubles back in to the gloom to find Miyagi.  A minute passes and Miyagi appears, but without Simba.  2%’s concern for Simba grows so he doubles back to find Simba.  Simba appears about 2 minutes later without 2%.  The group makes the decision to wait it out for 2% and send no more PAX to the gloom.  Sure enough 2% makes it back.  Fist bumps ensue.

COT: Circle of Trust

While all that is going down we go through the name-o-rama, take a picture, and enter a time of prayer.  Prayers for Sam as he starts back to school, Boomers house and FIL, and Swiss invites the PAX to learn more about the battle that is waging around us under our noses for the hearts of the those wrapped up in the DMST epidemic.  Perimeter Justice team luncheon on August 20th.  Dab mentioned that NP is doing a series on “Who Needs God”.  We prayed for that as well.

Coffeeteria: Well attended coffeeteria, including some EHs on a few potential FNGs ambushed at Starbucks.  Great conversations to end the beat down.

***Lexicon Lesson of the Day: EH means emotional headlock.

Are we ready to engage in a BIGGER STORY or continue to sit by?  What does that look like for each of us?  What is our legacy?  All good questions to ask ourselves along this journey of life.

Don’t forget the Twisted Taco get together on August 25th- 7:30pm.  It looks like we have a good contingent of hard commits already so don’t miss out.

Great work today, see you in the Gloom!


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