Around Perimeter in One Hour

When: 08/06/16

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Sunshine, the Hammer, the Dab, Miller Time, Swiper, Cookie, Nacho Libre, Shawshank

The preblast was short and simple. YHC promised running, sweat, and midwife noises. And YHC kept his promise. 9 pax posted at the Hooch for a special Saturday beatdown. Here is what happened.


  • Mosey lap
  • SSH
  • Cotton Picker
  • Imperial Walker
  • Merkins

The Thang:

Mosey to the main entrance of Perimeter. Partner up. Partner carry up the stair. Partner who was carried sprints to the end of the parking lot and back. Partner who did the carrying does burpees until his partner returns. Mosey together around the lot until back at the start. Switch. That’s one set. Keep going for 3 sets.

Mosey around Perimeter to the playground. Switch partners. Dora 1, 2, 3. 100 pullups, 200 merkins, 300 squats while other partner runs to the second light and back. 6 inches and then plank for the 6.

Keep moseying around Perimeter until just past hill of shame. Tunnel of love in the grass at top of hill. Keep moseying back to the flag.

Back at the flag. Find a column. Peoples chair and then balls to the walls. 5 minutes of Mary. LBCs. Then series of Dolly, Rosalita, flutters, dying cockroaches, and boxcutters without putting feet down in between. J-lo and then 1 set of ATMs for good measure. 13 burpees because Old Glory fell.



  • prayers for the Hammer and family
  • praise for good progress of the Dab’s cousin’s daughter
  • impressive showing from Shawshank for his second beatdown
  • strong work today, 3.6 miles covered and lots in between

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