Mud Run Announcement

Two of YHC’s favorite things about F3 are CSAUPs and convergences. Combine those two and you have the Mud Run. Hundreds of pax from many regions spanning several states converge under a big white tent that houses a beer boat surrounded by dozens of shovelflags. We have a bone-chilling BOM then run a muddy obstacle course for an hour or so and return to the tent to share warstories over beverages and one team leaves with the coveted Busted Paw. It’s been a great event for us. It’s been out Super Bowl.

You may have noticed a steady drop in attendance over the past few Mud Run events. In addition, the enthusiasm for our Super Bowl has waned. Why?

Here are a couple of theories:

1) The infusion of other CSAUP events (GORUCK, Spartans, marathons, etc) has offered the pax more variety and perhaps more of a challenge.
2) Promoting this event twice annually, Spring and Fall, has watered it down too much.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

We will still have our Super Bowl. F3 will support and promote the Spring Mud Run only.

April 2017, we will have the big tent and the BOM and shovelflags and the beer boat. F3 will own that farmland in beautiful Sandy Run, SC just like we have in the past.

The Fall event will still be held and all pax are encouraged to participate.

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