When: 08/04/16

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Do-Si-Do, Cookie, Hickory Stick, Boomer, the Hammer, Maximus, Fondue, Nacho Libre, Mercury, Grits, Miller Time, Harley (FNG),

The Pax woke up to a typical humid morning in Georgia ready to work.  In all 13 showed up including one FNG from Plano, TX. As promised the theme of the day was BOYO which meant every time the Q yelled BOYO every one stopped where they were and did 10 burpees on your own.

5:30 sharp and YHC yelled BOYO. No better way to start the beat down than 10 burpees. From there we Moseyed to the children of the corn for warm ups.

Side Straddle Hops

Long Slow Deep Cotton Pickers (or something like that)

Imperial Walkers


And of Course, BOYO

The thang.

From the children of the corn, the Pax lined up for an Indian Run. We ran to the track behind the rec center. The Indian run lasted for about 1 1/2 laps with some BOYOs for good measure.

On to the FOD after a quick stop at the planters for two rounds of dips and step ups.

At the hill by the FOD, it was time for the Triple Nipple, I mean the Triple Nickle. At the bottom of the HIll the worst merkin ever (werkin, merkin, diamond merkin for 1 rep) for 5 reps, bear craw up the hill for the worst lunge ever (front, side and back each leg for 1 rep) for 5 reps. As the end of the Triple Nickle neared, YHC noticed that the Hammer was hopping from the werkin to the merkin to the diamond merkins. This was the fifth set no less.  I officially petition to name that the Hammer Merkin because it crushes the worst merkin. Respect.

On to the FOD for one lap around the bases. At home what else but BOYO, 1st base – pretzel crunch, 2nd base, reverse LBCs, 3rd Base pretzel crunch with the other leg up and back to home.

Time was almost up, so BOYO and back to the flag for 1 minute of LBCs.

All together, 70 burpees.


Welcome FNG Harley.

Prayers for Nacho’s soon to be father in law and Cookie’s brother in law for healing and recovery.

Saturday’s beat down same time as usual, but due to a race and parade at the Rubicon we will post at the Hooch.

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