No Malpractice Today

AO: The Clinic

When: 06/06/2018

PAX: Manning, Pulte, Titlemax, Huckleberry (respect), Smurfette, Doughboy (FNG), Spanx, Tramp Stamp, Ricky Bobby, Centerfold, Mouth to Mouth, Beater, The Dealer(FNG), Matlock, Horny Toad(FNG), Whisker Bisquit, Trojan Man, Spaceballs, Fauxhawk, Wild Thang, HighTop, Garfield, Cheesehead, LawDog

QIC: Law Dog

YHC was excited about returning to the Clinic this Morning because as soon as I saw the place on Monday, I knew exactly what the beatdown today would include. What a great AO.  It was love at first sight. 24 men took the daily red pill to follow the belief that iron sharpens iron and one found out that concrete can sharpen a shin.

Warm up mosey to the fountain of lights for 15 IC side straddle hops, imperial walkers and 16 weed pickers because Smurfette wanted to assume YHC was going with 15.

The Thang

Mosey to the downtown train station to start a route 66, inspired merkin fest. Run the rectangle around the restaurants stopping at every cross walk and stop sign beginning with 1 merkin and adding an extra one until we ended with something like 14 merkins. More stop signs and cross walks than google maps lets on but that’s ok.

Back to the Amphitheater for a triple nickel style beatdown running up and down the grass seating area. There are several tiers to this place with each retaining wall being a little different size to climb over. 5 burpees at the top with 5 box cutters at the bottom, 3 times through and a little Mary from the pax waiting on the 6.

Finished up with the classic Dora 123 running the oval loop inside the Amphitheater that goes behind/infront of the stage and up the stairs of the seating tiers.  Merkins, LBCs and Squats.

Back to the flag for some Mary that included reverse LBCs, American Hammers, and Dolly’s.

Name-O-Rama: Welcome Horny Toad, Doughboy, and The Dealer


Prayers for Whisker Biscuit’s M and Manning’s 2.0 letting Dr. visits and checkups come back with healthy results. Prayers for F3 North Atlanta and the soon to be F3Cherokee for continue growth reaching more men

Nakedman Moleskins:

  • First and foremost: Spanx hurt his leg with an iddy biddy booboo that you would have thought was an amputation. YHC is absolved of all malpractice because I gave a disclaimer right in front of him before the warm up because he was running his mouth about not hearing mea.
  • Glad to see a lot of FNGs from Monday post today. 9 of the 12 returned to the Gloom for another Clinic Beatdown. There will be a lot of second bell’s in the near future.
  • True Story: Spanx millennial faux specticals probably got fogged up when he tried to mount that small retaining wall causing an optical illusion causing objects to be closer than they appeared.
  • Beater’s name was shorted from Wife Beater. Even in F3 we understand something may be misunderstood to the general public. “Hey BEATER” sounds a lot better in a crowded restaurant than “Hey Wife-Beater”
  • Ok. So the real truth is that Spanx was too busy taking a selfie trying to do a backward flip up the wall miss judging his landing zone on top of the little retaining wall.
  • FNGs Horny Toad went to TCU, The Dealer was totally confused when he showed up at the new Clinic in town trying to sell antibiotics but decided the beatdown looked like fun and Doughboy was wearing a KrispyKreme hat.
  • Ok. SO the real real truth is that Spanx’s hand slip causing the shin to hit the concrete leaving blood dripping down his leg. He continued on like a true champ and finished the beatdown and YHC thinking to himself that his spill looked funny was not paying attention to the same wall and had a foot slip just no blood. Karma.


LawDog Out


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