Double or Nothing

When: 03/20/17

PAX: Flo, Callahan, Piggie, Sunshine, Boomer, Nacho Libre, Sneakers, The Dab, FNG Sparty

QIC: Boomer

As YHC explained via the Twitterverse, the beatdown was inspired during a painful ordeal common to American Father of Girls, sitting through Beauty and the Beast instead of watching March Madness. YHC knew the movie was similar to one with talking drawings made many years ago so of course this one must be better. But this one was long. With more singing. YHC knew of some controversy (overblown IMHO), and YHC kept wondering what would happen if my 2.0 fell in love with a talking buffalo. It probably wouldn’t go well even if he had a heart of gold. So in the middle of a song about killing a beast, YHC dreamed of inflicting similar pain on as many pax as possible. 9 lucky pax including FNG Sparty were up for the challenge. Here is what happened.


  • Quick mosey lap.
  • SSH, Hillbillies, Merkins. That’s enough.

The Thang:

Mosey to the church parking lot for Lt. Dan. Once even with the sidewalk, mosey to the playground. Double or nothing. Start with 10 pullups, run to sidewalk and do 20 merkins. Run to 2nd lightpole and do 40 LBCs. Back to pullups for 9 pullups. Then 18 merkins and 36 LBCs and so on. While waiting for the 6, partner up. 1 partner does 5 burpees while other partner does overhead claps. Keep rotating until the 6 is end. Mosey back. Stop for bearcrawl up the hill, backwards run, and lunges to keep the 6 in sight. Circle up for Mary. Freddy Mercury, reverse LBC, flutter kicks.



  • T-claps to FNG Sparty. Kept moving and didn’t quit. Well done. Still think your name should be Winky (the terrier from Best in Show). Make a note for the next Wofford grad.
  • Lots of early mumblechatter out of Sunshine until the fun at the playground started. Seemed quiet from that point on for some reason.
  • As usual, Nacho crushed it. Would be nice to throw in an exercise that Nacho sucks at, but YHC hasn’t seen it yet.
  • Honored to lead the pax today. Let’s keep the intensity up. Beatdowns should beat you down, not just leave you a little winded. FNGs (even Crossfit/Iron Tribers) should have that post-beatdown lightheaded with nauseous stomach moment in their car. Don’t let up as leaders either at home, work, church, community. We all need each other.

See you in the gloom,


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