Full Moon…sort of

AO: Shadow

When: 02/01/2018

PAX: Stripper, Kimchi, ABBA, Fireballs

QIC: Manhole

YHC was concerned at 1st, but was ultimately blessed by 4 brave lads – and a beat down was enjoined. ( #thetrackisopen)

Warm-O-Rama: (all IC and x 15 except Stone Mountains because 15 is just mean) SSH, Squats, Toe Touches, Stone Mountains

Mosey to the track and take a lap

SSH, Squats, Toe Touches, Stone Mountains

Take most of a lap and then Lunge Walk the last 100 yards

Back up the stairs and to the vestibule – where we enjoyed wall sits and hand release merkins

Mosey to the Pit of Despair – Dilly Dilly and choose your stone – but choose wisely as we will be befriending your neighbor, not that YHC told anyone

We did curls, overhead press, chest press, skull crushers, squat touches..every so often we took a break and did some dips and incline merkins (we went around 2x)

Replace your stone and mosey back to the beginning for some Mary – 20x of each – LBC, High Dolly, Low Dolly,  Oblique (left and right), flutter kicks…I think that was all and then some more hand release merkins

Closed out with some 50,75,100 (x2)

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