Welcome to the Country Club

AO: Bushwood

When: 05/26/2023

QIC: Popper

PAX (4.5): Birdie, Flo, Saint2O, Tenderfoot


School is out for summer, which means Bushwood season is back!

This seasonal craft AO nestled in the Johns Creek subregion of Alpha is a summertime favorite for PAX that like the extra cross-training aspect of getting run, bootcamp, and swim concentrated in the same morning, at a bit more forgiving start time of 6am (pre-run 5:30).

3 pre-runners and 4 total PAX posted for the beatdown. A 5th surprised us by dropping in after Q-ing The Bridge and took the above photo.


SSH, WP, IW, IYT (renamed Cow Milkers by Tenderfoot), T-Rotations, Mosey up and around clubhouse.

Gather at the tennis court viewing bleachers for 10 apiece OYO: Derkins, Bulgarian Split Squats (10 each leg), Dips.

The Thang:

Thang 1: Tennis

We have seldom used the tennis courts for our Bushwood beatdowns, but that changed this morning. Flo and I pay way too much in HOA dues to not incorporate this great feature.

Thang 1.1: Agassi’s:

  • Agassi’s are listed in the F3 Exicon as Tennis court suicides. We did them across two courts
  • Start with 1 hand-clap merkin at the baseline of court 1
  • Suicide to each horizontal line and back, incrementing the hand-clap merkin count by 1 rep each return to the baseline.
  • We worked up to 10 reps on the final return to baseline. The PAX modified to regular merkins around the 8th suicide

Thang 1.2: Bobby Hurley Shuffles

  • PAX remained in wide squat position this whole routine
  • Start at bottom left corner of the four tennis courts with 1 Bobby Hurley
  • Side shuffle to opposite corner of same court and do 2 Bobby Hurleys
  • Side shuffle to next corner for 3 Bobby Hurleys
  • Continue zig-zagging our way via side shuffles to each corner of each of the four courts, incrementing Bobby Hurleys by 1 rep each time, until we reached 10 reps at the final corner.

Thang 2: Swim

We transitioned to the pool, doffed shirts and donned goggles.

Thang 2.1: 4-corners x 11’s

  • To avoid a logjam, each PAX started at a different corner of the swim lane portion of the pool
  • PAX conducted an 11’s of merkins and sumo squats, swimming in clockwise direction from corner to corner
  • At each corner, exit the pool to do the reps, decrementing merkins by 1 and incrementing sumo squats by 1 at each stop.

Thang 2.2: Grinder

  • At any given time, someone is doing:
    • AMRAP LBC’s on one side of the pool
    • AMRAP Freddie Mercuries on the other side
    • Swimming from one side to the other
  • With 4 PAX to occupy 3 stations at any given time, Tenderfoot and I paired up for our work.
  • Tenderfoot now has a renewed understanding of Grinders.

Thang 2.3: Tread Water

  • With our remaining time, the PAX treaded water in the diving section, alternating hands raised vs lowered every 10 seconds


The Bushwood PAX were delighted to have a visit from Birdie during Thang 2.3 and the COT.

Murph Monday 5/29 at 7am at Bridge / Meathouse. Do not come to Hooch as it is closed.

Praises for completion of 8th grade for Flo’s 2.0.

Prayers for margin for all PAX, and for healing from a month of illness passing from person-to-person in YHC’s household.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Super-stoked to get stronger by land and by sea with the PAX this summer. Good work by those who posted. To those that did not: come on in, the water’s fine. The Bushwood Q sheet is also open, so grab you a spot.

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