Kate Belle Day 2023

AO: Galaxy

When: 05/23/2023

QIC: Wideright

PAX (15): Blue, Compost, DIGIT, Drain Hole, Fannie, FreeLoader, Jorts, McLovin (Amir Oren), Percy, Reggie, Sparky, Sticks, Tweaker, Wideright, Mitt


Disclaimer and warmup exercises

partner up mosey to coupons 2x group – 1 lifting and 1 smaller


The Thang:

Classic WR fun

cumulative  400x curls pax 2 run Bobby Hurley return and flapjack

cumulative 200x skull crushers pax 2 cusak

cumulative OHP 200x pax 2 Bernie sanders and back

2 rounds bench press and pax 2 murder bunnies

2 rounds kettle swings and pax 2 bunny hops

25 dips and 25 incline merkins

20 dips and 20 incline merkins

mosey to flag and time!



Composts friend Howard’s passing and healing

for Kate Belle and her impact on this group and community- for the 2 scholarships given today in her memory


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