The Windjammer goes to Main Event

AO: Windjammer

When: 11/18/2022

QIC: Zohan

PAX (10): Caroline, Cookie, DirtyMO, Mayflower, Nair, NRA, Sparky, uga, Walkie Talkie, Zohan


Signing up to Q was probably the best motivation for me to get out of bed in this really cold morning and post. I’ve been planning this Bowling and Arcade beatdown for a few weeks and wasn’t sure when it would make its debut. Seeing the Windjammer was Q-less this Friday and the weather will be dry (a key factor) I took this opportunity.


A mid-length disclaimer given seeing we had a relatively new guy posting for the second time.

Mosey to the dam and line up for SSH, Hillbillies, Weed Pickers, Copper Head Squats and Merkins.

Mosey back and line up next to the round(ish)about. Side shuffle to one side, then the other and one last circle of high knees.

The Thang:


We moseyed into the parking lot and stood next to two bowling bags of sort and a drawn chalk line, then divided into 2 groups of 5. The bowling balls were a bit more squarish and cinder-looking compared to the more official bowling balls, but YHC was sure we’ll manage.

Instructions – One PAX from each team would rifle carry the ball to another chalk line drawn several feet away while his team cheers him on with Overhead Claps. Once ready he will shout go and start moving the ball toward the team. Since ball isn’t going to roll well he’ll need to push it. His team, meanwhile, have time to do 5 Burpees and get out of the way since they are Pins he needs to drop. Points will be given for every PAX too slow with his Burpees.

After one round (out of 5) we realized it’s going to be too noisy for the nearby house and the subdivision will not appreciate the skid marks on the asphalt. Though we did similar exercises in other AOs with no issues we chose to respect the local guidelines and modified. We moved sideways to reduce the noise and in the next 4 rounds the cinder-ball was carried by hand.



Once we finished bowling YHC promised we’ll go to the Arcade. A bit further into the parking lot 8 small cones were strategically located, each with a paper indicating the station and, on the other side, the workout. Since it’s no fun playing by yourself we partnered up.

YHC forgot the cones had some FIA-related exercises already taped on which caused some minor confusion, but the PAX quickly understood to ignore what’s on the cone and look at the paper underneath it.

The eight stations of the arcade included:

  • Basketball – 25 Bobby Hurley and 25 SSH
  • Laser Tag (run and take cover) – run the loop. 25 Merkins each corner.
  • Rope Course – you lost your contact lenses while on the Rope course. Bear crawl around the tennis court, maybe you’ll find it.
  • Sitting Area – you want to sit down but your kids keep interrupting. 20 Turkish Get-ups.
  • Restroom – unfortunately there’s a long line. 25 one-legged squats on each leg.
  • Dance Party – 20 side to side jumps (alpha), 20 back and forth jumps (alpha), 20 monkey humpers and 20 J-Los.
  • Game of chance #1 – Each PAX chooses a number 1-20. If the higher number is Even, do that number of Bonnie Blairs. If Odd do that number of Burpees.
  • Game of chance #2 – Game is broken. Do 25 Big Boy Sit-ups

Gazelles had a moment to do some Mary (I recall American Hammers were called) while waiting for the 6.

YHC wanted to surprise the kids by taking them to a movie. I heard Captain Thor was showing. Alas, we did not have enough time. Instead we returned to the flag and watched the trailer for There’s Something About Mary. The trailer was very eventful with Freddie Mercuries, T-Bombs and Flatter Kicks.



Blood drive, Santa Ruck, F3 Accelerate campaign and schedule changes for Thanksgiving (late starts, 5K, Half Marathon, Flag Football and other options).

A good discussion over coffee about challenges/obstacles and the stories we tell ourselves about them, which may prevent us from seeing them for what they are and overcoming them. Book recommendation: The Obstacle is the Way.


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