The Sound of Silence

AO: The Bridge

When: 11/19/2022

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (5): Birdie, Maguire, Popper (Dan Richard), Potter (Matt Rowand)


At YHC’s age, sometimes waking up and making it to a BD is an accomplishment. When you have the Q, additional consciousness is necessary. Such was the case this am, where YHC’s phone containing a great playlist and, more importantly, a tabata ap, was left on the nightstand charging. And so experience and instinct took over – music be damned, there was a beatdown the admonister, so disclaimer was given and off we went….


12 each of the following:


Willy Mays Hays

Moroccan Nightclubs



Mosey to the back parking lot

The Thang:

1. Buster Douglas: on 1 side of the parking lot, conduct 1 Mike Tyson, 2 Monkey humpers, 3 Bonnie Blairs, and 4 Alpha count air punches. Bernie Sanders across parking lot, conduct 2 / 4 / 6 / 8  of each exercise, continue until reaching 10/20/30/40. Hillbilly for the 6. Mosey to the obstacle course

2. 11’s with pullups and hand release mercans, modify as necessary. Mosey to the flag

3. 11’s with step ups and dips

4. Bloody Mary – start with 10 buzzsaws and 10 count low plank, conduct 10 of each if these exercises, returning to the  plank, buzzsaw, plank routine after each individual exercise: gas pumpers, American hammers, flutter kicks, LBC’s.

5. 5 burpees oyo, and it was time


1. Check Slack for details on the blood drive and Santa Ruck. Also, Thanksgiving morning at Bushwood, Popper will be holding the Hot and Special 5k – 2.0 and M friendly

2. Prayers for travel mercies and peace across the country

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Boy, it was cold – but with our Ninja gloves and a lot of pushing each other , everyone got warm. Thanks for pushing me this morning, men. Great work!

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