Happy Birthday to YHC!

AO: The H0.0ch

When: 10/19/1979

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Jimbo, Spokes, Splinter, Feathers, Red-Mix, Catfish, Saint20

7 PAX started off their Friday at the #H0.0ch and it just so happens that YHC was completing another revolution around the sun.  We had few PAX ready to step up and Q, but YHC grabbed it b/c of the bday and he wasn’t sure what kind of cards Saint20 would be dealing.

The thang:

Over to the track for some super 39s

39 merkins, LBCs, and Squats then mosey half way around the track and planed for the six.  Rinse and repeat decreasing the rep count by three each half lap.

With a little time to spare we did a little foot racing.  3 PAX in each heat for an all out 100 sprint.  Winner got to sit out, non-winners won another sprint after they jogged back to the start.

Back to the flag for 5MOM, round robin style

COT- prayers for scrooge, traveling PAX, Jimbo lifted me up on my bday too.

Moleskin- Convergence tomorrow morning


Great way to start my bday, now time for cake!


See you in the gloom,


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