Tour De North Park

AO: Norseman

When: 10/18/2018

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Ha-ha, Beaker, Burns, Callahan, Swingline, Pellets, Foghorn, Nacho Libre, Lumbergh

9 HIM’s made it out to the Norseman this fine Thursday morning.  We have had a variety of Q’s in the Norsemans short 7-week life and we have not done a lot of exploring around the North Park.  So…YHC grabbed the Q and decided to take off and see if we could get through the whole park.

Mosey to the parking lot by the softball fields.  Circle up for the mandatory f3 warm-up.  Side Straddle Hops(required), Weed Pickers(required), and Merkins(q-choice).

Now on to the first softball field.  Each pax will do 5 Nonalternating shoulder taps at Home, 1st Base, Right Field Foul Pole, Left Field Foul Pole, 3rd Base, and Back at home for a total of 30.

Second Softball Field repeat with Alternating shoulder taps.

Third Softball Field repeat with Crunchy frogs

Fourth Softball Field repeat with Hand release merkins.

Fifth Softball Field repeat with One legged burpees.

Sixth Softball Field repeat with Lunges

Seventh Round About repeat with Iron Mike’s (Bonnie Blairs)

With that, we were out of time.  We missed Softball fields 8, 9, and 10.

Headed back to the flag for the COT.


Who knew there were still some dirt fields in Alpharetta?  The Pax loved some one-legged Burpees.  Beaker’s second post and he was having casual conversation the whole time.  9 pax has been the largest crowd that we have ever had at the Norseman.  T-Claps to the men of F3 Alpha we have had 12 different Q’s in 13 beatdowns.  Very appreciative of the support.  See y’all on Tuesday at the Norseman for a Cookie treat!



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