AO: Firehouse

When: 10/18/2018

QIC: Fudd

PAX (): Reuben, Fudd

Fall is here! The cooler temps have arrived and made for a great morning at the Firehouse. The PAX was small in numbers today but large on effort. After posting to the Zoo this past Saturday and going through back to back doses of 11’s courtesy of Body I felt the burn in both my legs and my lungs so I decided to steal a page from his book and design an entire workout around the idea. No slurpees around here, just 7 rounds of non stop sprinting and pain.

Warm o Rama


Abe Vigoda’s


The Thang

7 rounds of 11’s with no rest in between other than moseying to the next hill / pain station. We worked all areas today with no rest for the lungs…variety is the spice of life!

Round 1: Center hill of parking lot…Merkins / Squats

Round 2: Pavillion Picnic Tables…Derkins / Dips

Round 3: Parking Lot…Coupon Curls / Lunges (both legs =1) Bernie Sanders on run back to coupons

Round 4: Large Grass hill by lower fields…Plank Jacks / Star Jumps

Round 5: Concession Stand….Monkey Humpers / Donkey Kicks

Round 6: Field…Crunchy Frog / V-Ups

Time was up so a quick decision was made to stay late and finish what we started.

Round 7: Field….Mountain Climbers / SSH…Bernie Sanders on run back




prayers for healing for PAX dealing with injuries. prayers for IKEA as he reports for National Guard duty.

convergence at Wills Park Saturday

Zoo 2.0 on 27th

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