Its Game Time

AO: The Galaxy

When: 10/16/2016

QIC: Yahtzee

PAX (): Secret, Wide-right, Sprinkle, Cha-ching, Turbine, Gritty, Percy, Sparky, Viking, Chelsea

11 PAX showed up at the AO right on time to start the warm-up mosey. After two laps around the park we headed up to the parking lot to play a little merkin leap frog. In pairs the PAX bounded across the parking lot. While one PAX waited in the ready position the other did the allotted merkin(s) then took his position in front while his partner completed the next set. Once 10 reps were hit on the 10th set (starting with 1 rep on the 1st set) we moseyed into a black snake. (Indian run where the PAX weaves through the line to get to the front)

The next game was Blue Falcon. Two groups were formed. 30 secs were given to the group to come up with a 3 min workout.

Group A’s workout:
• 10 merkins
• crab walk 15 yds
• bear crawl 15 yds
• 10 air squats
• crawl bear 15yds
• reverse crabwalk 15 yds
• 10 merkins.

Group B’s workout
• 100 air squats (with a 60 yd run after every 20)
Once the groups tested out their own micro-beatdown the groups swapped.

Our final game was a tag team relay. Again the PAX paired up and while one ran a lap the other did chair sits or planks. The second set of laps the PAX did flutter kicks while their partner raced around the park. The relay ended with a group mosey Black Snake to the flag where we finished out the beat down with some gambling. We rolled the dice to either do side straddle hops, merkins or LBCs.

• Convergence this Saturday 10/20 at Rubicon. 7:00am start.
• Thanks to Viking for coming out to my VQ and representing The Gladiator.
• Thanks to Chelsea and Turbine for prepping me for my VQ and helping while I stumbled through some cadence.
• Prayers for Cricket’s family during their time of grieving

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