Atlas Circuit – Plus a Challenge

AO: Atlas

When: 10/16/2018

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Aflac, Virginia Slim, Bronco, Squeegee, Smackdown, Bieber, Deuce (FNG), Mama (FNG), Icy Hot (FNG)

With a lot of mumble chatter yesterday in the Slack bot, a challenge was devised and accepted by 6.5 pax (Slim rode his bike PeeWee style).

Park at CLC (Crazy Love Coffee) and run to RHS for the Atlas beatdown then run back to CLC for some hot refreshments.  YHC and Aflac showed early to stretch and await the other pax.  Squeegee comes rolling in and decides it is necessary to divulge his awkward dreams, some that included Slim… (New name, Dream Weaver? or Joseph… you choose).  The Biebs comes running in at 0500 and with no Bronco in sight (Start on time, end on time), we mosey picking up Smackdown that didn’t want to run the extra 0.10 mile to meet the pack for visions from Squeegee.  Knowing he could leave later, Slim arrives halfway through our first leg informing us that Bronco was bringing up the rear.

Arrived at RHS with time to spare and 3 FNGs awaiting our arrival.

0529 hit and YHC divulged a disclaimer to all and we took a short mosey to the field house where our coupons laid waiting for their beating.


– SSH IC 20
– Cindy Swings IC 10
– Merkins IC 10
– Curls for the Girls IC 10
– Imperial Walkers IC 20?
– And probably some other things

The Thang

After the brief warm-up we placed the cinders in a group and retrieved a couple stones. Option weight of 35# and 50# stones.  Most were 35# and a a lone 50# was selected for YHC and Slim.
Broke into 4 groups for a coupon circuit.  Groups rotate when station 1 is complete.

  • Station 1 – Round 1 : 35/50# Atlas Clean – 20 count alternating shoulders
  • S1 – R2: 35/50# Atlas Clean+Squat – 15 count alternating shoulders
  • S1 – R3: 35/50# Atlas Clean+Squat+Press – 10 count alternating shoulders
  • S2 – R1 : American Hammers until group at S1 is complete
  • S2 – R2 : Wipers (Legs together at 90 degrees, lower left and then right)
  • S2 – R3 : LBCs
  • S3 – R1 : Cindy Curls
  • S3 – R2 : Cindy Skull Crushers
  • S3 – R3 : Cindy Single Arm Rows (alternating as needed)
  • S4 – R1 : Carnage
  • S4 – R2 : Merkins
  • S4 – R3 : Stone Mountains

After the circuit was complete, we circled up for some more Mary with introductions to new AB exercises.
– 21 Crunch
– The Kobe
– One down, two up
Maybe they will make an appearance again.

Cleaned up the coupons for a short mosey back to the flag that did not make an appearance again because of the awesome challenge that was devised.

More time for Mary.
Flutters, dying cockroach, box cutters, peter parker, obliques, and probably some other stuff.


We had 3 FNGs for today’s beatdown.
Welcome Chris aka Deuce, Brent aka Mama (he loved it), and Brandon aka Icy Hot!

Conversations had, words were said and the challenge continued.

3 miles remained between RHS and a cold wet seat at CLC for my hot refreshments.  Aflac must have wanted it more and after the first 1/4 mile he started his hot pursuit of coffee.  For the rest the pace was great, even for YHC (a non-runner) until ever mile got faster and faster until they were pushing a 7:30 pace.  Shouldn’t you get slower and slower like everyone else.  Dang!  YHC brought the 6 in.  First inaugural challenge completed. More are sure to follow. Probably just from the Wrecking crew.

This was a long one.  Enough said.

Uno, one and done, out!

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