Alternative 80s with Cinders

AO: The Gladiator

When: 10/16/2018

QIC: Spandex

PAX (): Tebow, Zohan, Sox, Shrinkage, Puddle Jumper, Delicious, Kegger, Scar, Stroller, Wolverine, Brownie, Postal, Moonshine, Spandex

It had been quite some time since we had some good tunes to jam to as we grunt and groan through a beatdown.  My original plan was an epic U2 mix on Amazon Music, however, for some reason, that playlist became corrupt.  Luckily, I had another 80s mix that worked out just fine.

Sox started off the morning mumbling something about having no interest in running this morning.  Well, my friend, you’re in luck.  We had a very short mosey to the next parking lot for a quick warmup.

Warm up:

  • 15 SSh
  • 15 Weed Pickers
  • 15 Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

After the warmup, we came back to the main parking lot and paired up an collected the cinders.  Partner 1 would then perform one exercise while partner 2 performed the other exercise until 15 reps were completed.  The partners would then switch exercises for another 15 reps.  This was repeated until the song ended.  After the song ended, the next pair of exercises were performed until we made it through all 16 exercises.

  • Bicep Curls & Bonnie Blair’s – She Sells Sanctuary, The Cult
  • Kettle Swings & Burpees – Don’t Change, INXS
  • Thrusters & Superman’s – Ther’s No Other Way, The Charlatans
  • Goblet Squats & Lunges – Unbelievable, EMF
  • Walkover Merkins & Shoulder Taps – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, The Ramones
  • Bent Over Rows & High Knees – Janie Jones, The Clash
  • Man Makers & Jump Squats – Fascination Street, The Cure
  • Partner Bears and Blocks – I had an audio malfunction at this point and continued without music.

During the last song, we did partner bear blocks down and back across the parking lot.  We still had more time, so we did a quick jog, then side strides left and right, and backward run.  One more partner bear blocks set was completed then we moseyed to the flag.  We circled up for a bit of Mary, and then we were done.


Prayers for Wolverine’s friend whose dad is suffering from Alzheimers.

An announcement of the convergence this weekend.

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