AO: Widowmaker

When: 10/13/2018

QIC: Pellets

PAX (): Devito, Cookie, Nacho Libre, Sox, Scully, Zohan, Saint, Catfish, Boomer, Roll Tide

Within all of us there is a deep call to get better.  As men in F3 it’s why we get up and start moving well before the sun breaks out to push and challenge ourselves as well as move our Pax brothers along.  If you are a part of this community you are a high impact man or on the path to becoming one.  Challenging everyone this week to invite at least one dude to a workout you haven’t tried to EH before as well as ask your same buddy that has told you NO on multiple occasions you never know when the timing is just right.

Awesome turn out at the Widowmaker with a Pax of 11.  Great to see everyone ready to put in some work.


15x SSH

15x Weed Pickers (YHC needs to practice his final rep cadence as most Pax were left to ponder “Was that the last rep?” as I was darting off to the first station).

The Thang

Ford Mafia favorite here we started with a 4X4 challenge.  We ran the soccer field corners 4 rounds with a comfortable air chair holding for the Six after each round.

Round 1–Fan Favorite 20x Bonnie Blairs single count

Round 2–20 Buzzsaw’s

Round 3–20x Merkins

Round 4–Squats

From there a quick mosey over to the Playground for a play date consisting of the following:

Round of 11’s consisting of Swerkins and Pull Ups mixing in a stop at the Gazebo for 5 Bonnie Blairs on the trek from Swing set to the pull up station.  Couple rounds of Mary waiting for the Pax to wrap up.

Away we go again with a mosey down the road to a good looking set of steps.  We held there for a moment and cranked out some burpees waiting for the Pax to regroup from the mosey.  Starting at the bottom of the steps we did an increasing count calf raise at each step resetting the count at every landing.

Quick 10 count to stretch the calves ensuring we could all be able to walk the next day and off on another mosey to the rock pile.

The final exercise of the day:

Round 1–50 Curls then up the hill for 10 Burpees

Round 2–50 Bent Over Rows up the hill for 10 Burpees

Round 3–50 Overhead Presses up the hill for 10 Burpees

Hustle back to the flag to beat the buzzer.


Prayers for Sox family member starting detox program .

Devito brought another 6 AM Saturday workout to the Widowmaker 4-5 mile run with pain stations every 1/3 mile or so.  Refreshing feeling to be BD before the BD.  Hope to do this one again soon.

Convergence set for next Saturday Wills Park. 6 AM Rucking with Zohan (sounds like it could be on an event schedule on a vacation).  7AM BD.


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