Top Secret Recon Mission to the South

AO: The Norseman

When: 10/10/2018

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Burns, Nacho Libre, Haha, Cookie, Beaker (FNG), Law Dog

YHC was recruited to conduct a top secret mission to the south. The objective was to infiltrate the Alpha region and provide information to the North. Nothing but a brilliantly executed plan would get this going.

Step 1. During the MTB ride at Del Fuegos, convince Nacho to invite YHC to Q at the Norseman without him knowing it was my idea all along. Luckily Nacho is a nice guy and was lucking for Qs to help grow the Norseman.

Step 2. Make sure there is rainy weather from a Hurricane to ensure only the dedicated pax post, so YHC gets an accurate info on how strong the Alpha guys are.

Step 3. Come up with a ridiculous beatdown that throws the Pax off the true mission. The Jug-A-lug should do that. Nothing distracts a bunch of men like a bunch of jugs. Having the pax run around for 45 minutes carrying a 2 water jugs does the trick. Especially while performing 25 arm raises, curls and shoulder presses with runs from one goal line to the next for two rounds. Haha began to get suspicious so YHC moved on to four corners across the grid iron with 10 merkins, 20 flutter kicks, 30 squats and 40 American hammers all while carrying the jug. Four rounds shortening the square to the 50, 25, and end zone adding lunge walks and Zamperini runs as the square got smaller.

Needed a few more minutes to complete my mission so on to a bataan death march with just enough time for some J-Los at the flag.

Finding 1: The alpha men are still strong. Nacho, Cookie, and Haha are still crushing things. Have not worked out with Burns before, but clearly he is a dedicated pax who will be a big factor in Alpha’s continued growth.

Finding 2. Nacho is so comfortable in his manliness that he invites an FNG during a Hurricane who is stronger than the rest of the Pax. Welcome Beaker to the F3Alpha. Clearly a Pax we should look to Poach in the Near Future. What is up with these wrestling coaches? Its like they don’t know how not to push themselves to the brink each workout.

Finding 3. Cookie’s Jug sprung a leak. Then a full on structure failure. By the time it was all said and done, the jug was done for. Clearly he knows how to man-handle a jug. Must be that grip strength from all that golf. He will be a forced to reckon with at the next Golf outing. No surprise being the defending champion and all.

Finding 4: If the other new beatdowns are anything like the Norsemen, F3 Alpha is going to keep growing and reaching more men. Looks like we are on a successful path to conquer the North Metro Area.

Confidentiality: This Backblast was intended solely for the use of F3Cherokee for recon purposes only. All other dissemination of this information is restricted to Twitter, Slack, Facebook,, and F3Nation use only. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

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