Rules written by Aflack

AO: The Wreck

When: 10/10/2018


PAX (): AFLAC, Crab legs, Zima, Luigi, Divot, Jackalope, Mad Dog, Bear, Grease Monkey, Fully, Bronco, Swamp Donkey, Circus, Turbine, Raider, Pony-boy, TP

17 PAX showed for up in the drizzle for a TP beat down that did not involve boats & canoes despite the forecast.

Warm Up:  Brisk mosey to the football field followed by a mix of SSH, Weed Pickers, and Toy Soldiers.

The Thang:  “Give the people what they think they want.” – George Ade

TP broke out the F3 cards for a round of the deck of death.  The last time he did that the PAX decided there weren’t enough burpees and reused cards to do more.  Taking that into consideration:

  • Hearts = Burpees
  • Diamonds = Diamond Merkins
  • Clubs = Dolly’s
  • Spades= Monkey Humpers
  • Face cards = 25 reps
  • Numbers = N + 10 reps
  • Ace’s = 100 reps of exercise listed on card
  • Jokers = lap around the field.

TP has not done an official count but the numbers of burpees performed, but it was enough to warrant shouts of Joy when the first Joker was drawn at the end of the workout.

Aflac lead the PAX back to the flag for Merry while TP collected the cards and brought in the 6 with Bear.

“woke up this morning really wishing we could do 1000 burpees. dreams do come true” – Aflac

COT: Prayer for Goat who will being running in circles for 12 hrs this weekend.

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