RESPECT: Darth Visor Memorial Convergence Backblast

AO: Big Creek

When: 10/04/2018

QIC: the Body, Clyde, Swiper, Whiz

PAX (): PAX of F3Alpha, F3Cherokee

A very sad day for F3 Alpha,  F3 Cherokee,  FiAAlpha, and F3Nation, but this morning’s memorial resulted in a glorious celebration of the life of an amazing husband, father, grandfather, uncle, mentor, partner and friend, known to so many of us who knew and loved him as Darth Visor.

Our celebration took place at Big Creek, Darth’s home AO since 2016.  After a heartfelt opening by our regional Nantan, Ha-Ha, we moseyed to the big field where The Body led us in Darth’s favorite warm-up exercises as a group, all IC:


Weed Pickers


After warm up, we counted off into 4 groups of ~20 PAX with assigned Q’s to head to stations where we performed some of Darth’s most famous exercises:

Group 1:  Clyde- This was Darth’s return Q after a brief hiatus, so he elected to get back in with BLIMPS across the parking lot with Bear Crawl’s in between.  Darth wasn’t known for easing into anything.

Group 2:  the Body- This exercise took place in the Pavilion, and was modeled after Darth’s VQ (at Big Creek).  Darth is the only PAX in F3 to have numerous VQ’s;)

Group 3:  Swiper- This exercise was partner 11’s with bro-cans at the top and bro-pees at the bottom, an exercise that Darth created after Clemson’s national Championship win over Alabama.  The final score was 35-31 but Darth had some logical mathematical formulas that involved the number 11, (or he just wanted to do 11’s and knew we didn’t have a lot of mathematical fact checkers at Big Creek;)

Group 4:  Whiz- This beat down came from Darth’s 54th Birthday Q.  A circle burp with each PAX doing high knees and dropping to do one burpee around the circle until we reached Darth’s Birthday Q age of 54.

After each group had completed all (4) stations, we met back up in the middle to finish with Darth’s favorite exercise: Navy Seal Sit-ups with (2) lines facing each other and knocking out 20 in his honor.  Darth loved long lines for Seal sit up’s and this one would have made him proud for sure:)


-Thank you to Trellise, Alexandra, and Brindley for being part of our celebration this morning.  On behalf of all of F3Alpha and F3Cherokee, it was an honor to have you with us and your warmth and grace were felt by us all.

-Thank you to our brothers across F3Nation who stood by us with your #OrangeforDarth posts.  You lifted us up when we needed it most and showed the nation what F3 truly stands for.  YHC can say definitively that Darth Visor knew what F3 stood for as well as anyone and he smiled down upon you all today.

– Our thoughts and prayers will remain with the Faile, Barden, and Vroon families.  We are with you and want you all to know that we stand ready to support your family in any way that we can.

-If you are available, please consider joining us at 3:30 PM tomorrow at the Vine Community Church to continue to celebrate the life of our dear friend.

-BTW, The call has been issued to continue to wear #OrangeforDarth.  (We know he is enjoying it, and would appreciate us keeping it going for as long as possible:)

Farewell brother…we will never forget you.




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