Pre-Blast: Darth Visor Memorial Convergence

AO: Big Creek

When: 10/4/2018

QIC: Swiper, the Body, Whiz, Clyde

PAX (): PAX of F3Alpha, F3Cherokee

In anticipation of a large turnout for the Darth Visor Memorial Convergence tomorrow, we wanted to send out a pre-blast to give everyone an idea of the plan and some logistics to help us manage what we expect to be a big crowd.

Parking:  We’ll be meeting in the parking lot by the playground, instead of the usual spot.  When you pull into the park, go straight past the fire station and make a right at the first stop sign.  Then proceed straight through the next intersection to the playground (there’s some construction equipment in a few of the spaces).  You’ll see the flags and PAX waiting there.

Walk up the path between the pavilion and the playground and we will gather as a group in the big field in the center.


·         Opening Remarks/Prayer

·         Darth’s favorite warm-up exercises as a group

·         After warm up, we will break into 4 groups of ~25 PAX with assigned Q’s (Swiper, The Body, Whiz, and Clyde)

o   Each group will be assigned to one of (4) workout stations inspired by historic Darth Q’s from the past, and we will rotate to the next station after approximately 5 minutes at each.

·        After each group has completed all (4) stations, we will reconvene in the middle to finish with Darth’s favorite exercise: Navy Seal Sit-ups with (2) lines facing each other

·         Name-O-Rama/COT/BOM – final shout-out to our fallen brother

–          SYITG

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