3 on 3

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 09/29/2018

QIC: dosido

PAX (): mayhem, boomer, saint20, devito, memento, dosido

Having not Q’d the widowmaker in many months, yhc was quick to jump on the opportunity when it arose yesterday afternoon. With several miles and a couple smiles logged with saint and devito on the pre-Ruck, we were joined by 3 strong PAX for a solid group of 6 to begin the BD. Here’s what went down

Warmup: quick mosey around the lot, circle up for slow weed pluckers x5 IC and quick step SSH x20 IC, enough of that crap, lets get to the thang

BD: First up, YHC took a second look at the stature of the group on hand, knowing we had no weak link, I pulled two 30Lb dumbbells from the trunk that would join us for a trail run. They were to be passed from one PAX to the next until returned to the lot. Precisely 1min into the run, and ironically one of only two PAX actually wearing a headlamp to spot disastrous ankle rolling obstacles, YHC rolled his ankle in a bad way WHILE holding the dumbbell…I went tumbling, the dumbbell thankfully sailed through the air and skidded to a halt injuring no one…and needless to say the PAX offered to finish the run while I assessed the issue.

Quick tape job, and intent to rejoin the group to finish what we started, YHC met the guys as they triumphantly concluded the weighted trail run short one PAX to lighten the load; i was disappointed to not experience the full effect of the dumbbells

Next we made our way to Kings Court (Field) located at the bottom of the widowmaker hill for what turned out to be a 25minute 3on3 football game.
Touchdowns meant 10 burpees for the defense, turnovers meant 5 burpees for the defense, and after an epic battle of who could better manage slippery-surfaces and wet-balls…the game ended in a 2-2 tie.
For after-game activities we spent a while trying to find mayhem’s wedding ring, which was likely ripped from his finger on one of the kick-off returns he attempted. When all hope seemed lost as we approached the last few yards of the field worth searching, low and behold the ring came into view – thank goodness for that!

Next, with time running short, YHC hobbled while the rest of the PAX ran to the bathroom structure for a BTTW all-out battle; the ankle was begging for a break, let’s do anything where we’re not standing. Just Stay up as long as possible, period.
Boomer was the named winner of the round – nice job Boomer.

Head back to the flag for 45secs of V-ups; times up, count off


Lots of PAX traveling during this the second week of fall break, so prayers for all safe returns were lifted
Coffeteria was YHC and devito – it was then the adrenaline began wearing off and the ankle began to really sing – pics on twitter to follow, it’s turned some really pretty colors according to my daughters.

Be back to the gloom in no time, tis but a flesh wound

dosido out

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