Northern Exposure

AO: The Norseman

When: 09/18/2018

QIC: Whiz

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Ha Ha, Burns, Saint 2.0, Whiz

YHC had the privilege of being invited to Q at the newly minted Norseman AO in Milton, which was a great excuse to break away from my home AO and visit some other fellow PAX in the region.  What a great location with a variety of options to inflict pain in all the best ways!  I didn’t take the opportunity to post here prior to today so had to rely on Google Earth for some virtual inspiration and came up with the following.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Moroccan Nightclub x 12 IC
  • Dancing Bear x 12 IC

Extended Warmup – Bataan Death march around perimeter of the upper parking lot w/ each PAX performing a round of 5 burpees along the way


  • Mosey down to football field 2 for a couple of routines.  YHC doesn’t typically have access to fields with painted yardage lines and was excited for the opportunity to take advantage.

Routine #1 – DMC starting at goal line

  • Duck walk to the 10 yd line, 10 merkins, crawl bear back to goal line
  • Duck walk to the 20 yd line, 20 merkins, crawl bear back to goal line
  • Duck walk to the 30 yd line, 30 merkins, crawl bear back…
  • Rinse and repeat with increasing merkins and yardage up to the 50 yd line and back.  I think I may hate crawl bears more than an other animal crawl/walk.  Good excuse to do them more often!

Routine #2 – The Alpha (both arms/legs always count as 1 rep)

  • Broad jump from goal to 10 yd line for 10 Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • Broad jump from 10 to 20 for 20 Lunges
  • Broad jump from 20 to 30 for 30 Plank Jacks
  • Broad jump from 30 to 40 for 40 Hillbillies
  • Broad jump from 40 to 50 for 50 American Hammers
  • Continue broad jumping to opposite goal line doing same exercises in reverse with same rep count back down to 10.

Not enough time left for some wall/bench work so we moseyed back to the flag for a full 6 MoM, which is worse than it sounds on paper.  Various Mary options going round robin until time was called.  T-Claps to Burns for letting me force him into calling cadence on LBC’s on only his 2nd beatdown (thanks to Nacho for the assist).


Prayers for success and safe return for Nacho’s M, who is in Uganda (I think) on a mission trip, prayers for all those still affected by hurricane Florence, and for those unspoken by the PAX.


YHC is so thankful to have been introduced to F3 and for the myriad ways it’s improved my life beyond fitness in just under a year.  It’s also awesome to be part of a region(s) that’s growing and full of so many HIM called to not only share the F3 gospel with other men but to give back and fully embrace the living third credo that springs from deeper involvement with the group.



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