Here’s What You Missed

AO: Shadow

When: 09/18/2018

QIC: GreenBean

PAX (): GreenBean, Fireballs, Seles, Leon, Manhole, Sleeper, Billboard, Madoff, SnakeOil

Here’s what you missed Stripper:

SSH IC x 15
MC’s IC x 15
IW’s IC x 15
Low-Slow Squats IC x 15

Sleeper arrives.

Rinse and repeat.

Follow me (not mosey!) to Vernon Oaks Drive, head north. Plank it up for the six. Planks:
30 sec’s each of regular, right arm up, left arm up.

Follow me a bit more until:

Mary: LBC’s IC x 15
Scissor kick’s IC x 15

The Thang:
Jacob’s Ladder up hill about 4 driveways: at top: 8 burpees
at bottom: 2 merkins.
Decrease by 1 at top and increase by 2 at the bottom finishing with 16 merkins.
Solid work by Seles and Fireballs.
Plank it up: 15 sec’s of regular, left leg out, right leg out.

Continue to follow me up Vernon Oaks to Mt. Vernon.
Circle up for Mary: LBC’s x 15
Continue right on Mt. Vernon, Right at Vermack back to school.
Stop at corner of Vanderlyn to plank it up for the six. Plank it up for 15 sec’s of plank: regular, right arm out, left arm out.
AYG to the picnic tables. Seles was Speedy Gonzales.

10 count.
Grab a bench for dips: IC x 15

Mosey to COT for:
Mason Twist IC x 15
Merkins IC x 16

Thanks to Seles for taking us out.
Prayers for all of those in the path of Florence who have and continue to experience flooding and related problems.


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