Be prepared at the Norseman

AO: The Norseman

When: 09/11/2018

QIC: Scar

PAX (): Ha Ha, Nacho Libre, Scar, Callahan (Kotter), Burns (FNG Mark)

Always a privilege to Q at another AO and The Norseman was no different. Great location, great park with so many different areas that demand exploring.

So YHC did a quick recon yesterday and decided the classic Scar beat down, no props, no funny stuff just good old fashioned Lexicon exercises and lots of reps.

Arriving in the gloom this morning at a perfect 76 degrees, cars started trickling in. FNG was first to arrive with a Callahan sighting soon after. Ha Ha came barreling in in the green beast and Nacho carrying the shovel flag with his headlamp shining was spotted coming down the road. A quick disclaimer and we were off.


The Warmup

Nice long mosey to the first area, a mini track sandwiched between two baseball fields with some stone walls and grass patch. Circled up for some SSH, Weedpickers and Hill billies.

The Thang

Partner up with partner 1 running 2 laps and partner 2 doing AMRAP and then switch rinse and repeat – Burpees, Step ups, LBC’s, Dips, Box jumps and Balls to the wall. Some mumble chatter was heard and lots of sweating was done during this time.

Quick recover and then mosey to a lit parking lot that was to be the scene of our next fun exercise.

With 3 stations set across a long parking lot we set out to do some ascending run/exercise combos. – Sets of 5, 10, 15 – with a run/sprint in between and plank for 6.

Station 1 – Merkins

Station 2 – Mountain Climbers

Station 3 – Bonnie Blairs

This caused more mumble chatter and some grimacing faces. With 6 minutes left a Lunge walk/ backwards run to finish the last length and we moseyed back to flag for some Mary – Flutter kicks, Freddie Mercuries and some 6 inches finished us off.


Ha Ha still looking for some PAX to fill the clown car to Mobile, AL on Friday for new AO opening.

Thankful to be living in this country, thankful to our first responders and soldiers that allow us to be out exercising everyday.


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