3 Q’s to Honor the late Burt Reynolds

AO: The Zoo

When: 09/08/2018

QIC: All

PAX (): Swiper, The Body, Olaf

Many of the PAX in F3 Alpha are too young to have seen many Burt Reynolds films, but classic films like Smokey and the Bandit, Stroker Ace, The Longest Yard, and Cannonball Run ( leaving out Deliverance for obvious reasons) left the Zoo feeling like we needed to honor him with this mornings beat down.  Here she goes…

YHC on the first shift:

Mosey past the tennis courts for warm up:


Weed Pickers


Abe Vigoda

Next to the hill for some 11’s.  Needed a hill exercise of some sort to honor Burt’s ex wife, Dolly Parton:)

Mercans at the bottom, Squats at the Top 10-1 working back to 1-10.

Next, off to the tennis courts for some bear crawl suicides in honor of Burt’s most hated photo on the Bear Skin rug.  Bear crawl to 3 different spots on the tennis courts and crawl bear back.

3 sets of 10 exercises on the benches, incline mercans, dips, step ups’s in honor of the 30 films that Reynolds starred in during his career.

Next Q: The Body

Mosey to the Rock Pile and head to the lower parking lot for a little Cannonball Run with coupons.

Cannonball exercise x 10, then sprint 50 yards up and back, rinse and repeat x 5.

Next, a round of Colt 45’s for the rumor that Burt almost played professional football for the Baltimore Colts.

Q # 3:  Olaf

A tribute to BURT with the following:

B- Belching with 7 plank jacks.  Sprint the length of the football field stopping every 10 yards for 7 plank jacks in honor of Stroker Ace’s #7 car

U- Up downs for 60 seconds

R- Randorama.  AMRAP for 30 seconds on 3 exercises- Smurf jacks, LBC’s, and Balboa’s

T- Triple Nickel.  5 each of Lt. Dans, Lunges, and Squats moving towards the end zone for a Longest Yard end-zone dive.

Closed out with Bring Sally Up Squats in honor of Burt’s Smokey and the Bandit co-star, Sally Fields.  The question came up about whether Smokey may have been Forrest Gump’s dad since Sally was his mother, but Smokey escaped in a really fast Trans-Am before they could order the paternity test!


Prayers for all who weren’t able to join us and for wisdom on considered expansion in FoCo.

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