The Norseman earns its name

AO: The Norseman

When: 09/06/2018

QIC: Lumbergh

PAX (): Ha-Ha, Cookie, Foghorn, Nacho Libre, Swingline

Your scheduled Q glanced at his watch to see it was 6:00 am. Feeling awful for missing his first Q at this new AO, he was already drafting his apology statement. Then your Q woke up again to his actual alarm at 5:05 am. Being Q is stressful business.

Props to Nacho for running the flag in from St. Francis to get early mileage

A total of 6 PAX were ready to roll at 5:30.  A quick jaunt around the parking lot for warm ups. 15X SSH, 10X Weed Pickers, 15X Imperial Walkers
A potential PAX pulls in and reverses out of the lot again.

The Thang
We stay close in case he comes back. A wonderful football field sits behind the parking lot. The theme is Norseman or Norse God so we start with Captain Thor with a twist. Since it’s also Day 1 of the NFL we earn a first down with each set. 10 yard line – 1:4 Big Boy:American Hammer, 20 yd – 2:8, etc. Bear Crawl for each first down.
With Thor done we move to his friend. In this case Iron Hulk. Same thing but with Merkins and Air Presses. Lunge Walk to the first down.
Touchdown Dance for the 6.

We continue to explore this new park so we risk the bleachers for 11s. A disclaimer reminder as we take careful steps up and down with Squats at the bottom and Calf Raises at the top.

Less PAX means faster workout. The Q notices it is now actually 6:00 (not a dream) and we have time to fill. We use the go-to for time filling, Dips and Flutter Kicks. 3 rounds of 20X

Back to the field for the Alphabet Abs. (Runic Alphabet accepted)
A couple of cool down laps and goal post reach attempts and we circle up for Mary.
Werewolfs (I think) (High to Low plank) via Foghorn (Good to see you out again)
Freddy Mercury via Swingline
Box Cutters via Haha
LBC via Nacho

Prayers for Ha-ha, et cetera going to Blue Ridge this weekend to race. Safe travels and safe runs.
Come see what Scar can discover at the Norseman on Tuesday.

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