Opening Day at The Norseman

AO: Norseman

When: 09/04/2018


PAX (): Nacho, HaHa, Lumberg, Flo(Rida), M.T.

Tuesday was opening day, the inaugural launch, the ribbon cutting ceremony if you will for North Park.  We had coffee, muffins and a brand new shiny flag (courtesy of HaHa) and 5 pax ready to explore this great expanse.  We had hoped and expected some FNG’s to come out but alas it was not to be this day.  This day was for the regulars to cut their teeth on the available terrain and multitude of options.

YHC had a modified beat down planned to challenge but not scare away a group of FNG’s.  That quickly changed to a little more work for a group who has been together years.  After a mosey up the main park road, we circled up in the lot above Turf football field #2 for the regular warm up cycle.  First world problems at this place – which perfectly lined turf football field to use today!  So #2 it was and we started in corner one for some 5 corners escalator.  Mercans, squat jumps, Pike Pushups, squats and burpees.  Blew thru that one and on to the goal line for some partner Dora.  50 burpees, 100 pike pushups, 200 squats and 300 LBC’s.
More time to explore so off we went on a mosey when we spotted a potential late FNG.  He was going the other direction so it took a few minutes to catch up.  No luck, just a man running so Nacho pitched him anyways and he didn’t take the hook this time.
After exploring some more we came to a building with some benches and tables.  1 round each of Dips, Jump overs and Step ups.  On to the natural grass baseball field where HaHa has fond memories of 2.0 victory’s for some Duck Duck Q.   Each man had 3 turns to call an exercise for the group to complete and it was time.


Prayers for HaHa’s brother and Nacho’s Sister as they work thru some serious health issues.
Prayers for a successful BRR trip for several pax this weekend.

It seems we never run out of awesome local parks.  This one is no different.  We are all blessed to live in an area where we have such great public resources available for our use.
An Honor once again to kick off a new AO with this committed group of men!

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