Make it up as you go along

AO: The Gladiator

When: 09/04/2018

QIC: Scar

PAX (): Brownie, Sox, Viking, Manchester, Spandex, Delicious, Puddle Jumper, Tebow, DC2, Moonshine, Scar, Shrinkage, Postal

So YHC had a whole workout planned for this morning. There was no more #Ironpax and life could return to normal. But then Labor day came a long and  the Hooch (Boomer) thought a modified Mogadishu mile was the way to go. Bad idea.

So with some sore arms and various other body parts I decided today I would make it up as I went along and see how the body held up.

Quick stretch and wait for puddle jumper to come in on 2 wheels and we were off. Mosey past tennis courts and up the hill to parking lot.

The Warmup

15 of each – SSH, Imperial Walkers and Weedpickers.

The Thang

So with some more VQ’s coming up and YHC thinking of ways to motivate the PAX into jumping in to Q I though a tour of all the wonderful areas ERP has to offer and a couple of exercises in each would be great.

Stop at rock pile choose 2 rocks each that could be held in each hand. 15 of each – curls, overhead press, skull crushers and rows. Run up hill and back and plank on your rocks for the six. I thought an extended plank would be fun but then the mumble chatter started. “Oh you thinking of the next exercise” was the call, so we carried on planking.

Rinse and repeat for another 15 with a modified squat for six and then rinse and repeat for 20 with a modified squat for six. Not much mumble chatter now. Return coupons and mosey again.

Picnic shelter for some bench work – 40 step ups and dip position for six, 10 dips in cadence.  Repeat step ups with 5 merkins in cadence, repeat step ups with squats, recover.

Mosey to next parking lot. Partner up – 1 partner runs out and backwards run back while 2nd partner does merkins. This was repeated with squats, Bonnie blairs and burpees.

With 9 minutes left and DC2 stressing to the Q that Mary needed to be six minutes we moseyed back to parking lot near flags for some side shuffle across parking lot to circle up.


6 inches, flutter kicks, mountain climbers, Freddy Mercuries, j’los,


Prayers for all F3 men and new AO’s, as always coffeteria to close us out


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