F3 Atlas Launch

AO: Atlas

When: 09/04/2018

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Virginia Slim, Legos, Aflac, Swamp Donkey, Sprocket, Goat, Zima

The day had finally arrived for the launch of the much anticipated low mosey, coupon only (mostly) AO.  Much prep went in with fellow pax Virginia Slim for a never before seen coupon at an F3 workout.

YHC wasn’t sure how many pax would show for the launch, so a BD for a large group and limited coupons was developed.

5:30 hit and the only mosey you will find at this AO is from the parking lot to the field house. (100 yards?)
Passing the field house YHC instructed the pax to grab one Cinder and we circled up for a coupon only (mostly) warm-up.

  • SSH – IC 20
  • Cindy Swings – IC 15
  • Merkins – IC 15
  • Cindy Press – IC 15

The Thang

After the brief warm-up we placed the cinders in a group and retrieved the new coupons. Option weight of 35# and 50# (haven’t weighed them) concrete stones.  Some selected 35s and a few selected 50s.
Broke into 4 groups for a coupon circuit.  Groups rotate when station 1 is complete.

  • Station 1 – Round 1 : 35/50# Atlas Clean – 20 count alternating shoulders
  • S1 – R2: 35/50# Atlas Clean+Squat – 15 count alternating shoulders
  • S1 – R3: 35/50# Atlas Clean+Squat+Press – 10 count alternating shoulders
  • S2 – R1 : LBCs until group at S1 is complete
  • S2 – R2 : Flutters
  • S2 – R3 : Freddie Mercury
  • S3 – R1 : Cindy Rows
  • S3 – R2 : Cindy Curls
  • S3 – R3 : Cindy Swings
  • S4 – R1 : Merkins
  • S4 – R2 : Werkins
  • S4 – R3 : Twerkins

After the circuit was complete, we cleaned up and the true challenge was revealed.  145# Atlas Stone was rolled from the truck bed.  YHC showed the pax how it was done and Slim followed.  Only a couple pax attempted, a few probably thought about it, others probably said “hell no!”

Short mosey back to the flag for 4-5 minutes of Mary.
Low dollies, sweat angels, flutters, mountain climbers, and probably some other stuff.

The pax in attendance were given the choice for AO name.  Sisyphus or Atlas and Atlas won 100%….


  • Lots of options at RHS for more coupon work and more variety. Logs, tires, bricks, cinders, stones, timbers and more in the works.
  • Launch at North Park today.  WOs are Tue/Thurs
  • Launch next week at East Cobb Park.  WOs are Tue/Thurs
  • Prayers for Legos’ Dad as he goes through his first round of Chemo? for a form of Hodgkins
  • Continued prayers for Swamp Donkey’s friend Gary

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