The Way Backblast – Field of Pain

AO: The Wreck

When: 02/23/2018

QIC: Crab Legs

PAX (): Squeegee, Sprocket, Jackalope, Mad Dog, Goat, Grease Monkey, Bronco, Booter, Rusty, I-Beam, Rooney, Doogie, Polaroid, Hat Trick, Nomad, Thumper, Aflac, Crab Legs

Warm Up:
Started things off with a little mosey to the football field parking lot. Circle up for a quick round of the following:
20 SSH
15 Imperial Walker
15 Cotton Pickers
The Thang:
YHC led the group on a short mosey out to the football field, lined up on the goal line and outlined the morning’s pain, which consisted of 10 circuits of 4 exercises (different variations of each) done in succession: Burpees, Merkins, Squats, and Mary.  Alternating lunges waiting for the six. YHC had initial plan to do everything IC, but Omaha’d that idea after about Circuit 4.  Sounded good night before….morning of, not so much.
Circuit 1: Run 100 yards/10 Burpees/Run back to goal line
20 Merkens
30 Squats
40 LBC’s
Circuit 2: Run 90 yards/9 Burpees/Run back to goal line
20 Wide Merkens
30 Jump Squats
40 Big Boy Sit Ups
Circuit 3: Run 80 yards/8 Burpees/Run back to goal line
20 Narrow Merkins
30 Jumping/alternating side-to-side squats
40 American Hammers
[10 Count]
Circuit 4: Run 70 yards/7 Burpees/Run back to goal line
20 Diamond Merkins
30 Run stance squat switch pick ups
40 Freddie Mercury’s
Circuit 5: Run 60 yards/6 Burpees/Run back to goal line
20 Squat Merkins
30 Alternating single leg raise into squat
40 LBC’s
Circuit 6: Run 50 yards/5 Burpees/Run back to goal line
20 Side-to-side Merkens
30 Stone Mountain side-to-side jumps
40 Crunchy Frogs
[10 Count]
Circuit 7: Run 40 yards/4 Burpees/Run back to goal line
20 Slow count Merkens
30 Switch Squats
40 Peter Parkers
Circuit 8 Run 30 yards/3 Burpees/Run back to goal line
20 Stone Mountains
30 Squats in slow cadence
40 Flutter Kicks
Circuit 9: Run 20 yards/2 Burpees/Run back to goal line
20 Merkens
30 Side-to-side squats
40 J-Lo’s
YHC signaled for a mosey back to the flag prior to Circuit 10 due to time constraints and we quickly closed it out. By my count, we completed 54 Burpees, 180 Merkins, 270 Squats, 360 mary, and ran 1.3 miles.  Solid work on a tough beat down, boys!
-Crab Legs

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