Lonesome at the Witch

AO: The Witch & The Wardrobe

When: 02/27/2018

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Foghorn

Crack: “Hey Foghorn, I have a late emergency tonight on the work front, can you take the Q at the Witch tomorrow?”

Foghorn: “Whatever the Witch needs, she gets.”

Foghorn: “Yo Fudd, what’s your status for the Witch tomorrow?”

Fudd: “The knees need a rest, I’ll be in the fart sack.”

So YHC knew the likelihood was high to be the lone wolf at the Witch the next morning. But if there’s one thing YHC has learned from his fellow PAX, its that consistency is key to growth, even if that means being the only PAX holding down a relatively new AO.

YHC remembers the early ups and downs of the Hoppy-Like, in which there were a number of times a rotating cast of single PAX held down the fort in the name of consistency. Most recently, a certain PAX (Nantan?) like HaHa has shown what it means to be consistent even with the possibility of being single. Hoppy Like has now recently seen its highest turnout, and several PAX are now joining FireSwamp, under HaHa’s consistency.

There are many other examples of PAX grinding out beat downs through cycles of low turnout, knowing the numbers would follow, or of PAX striking out into new territory not knowing what numbers to expect. Cherokee men moving into The Kodiak, Big Creek men moving into North Forsyth, Rubicon men moving into Roswell, The Hooch men moving the rock in Johns Creek, and Alpha Originals who have pushed the rock since day one and continue to do so.

So a few miles were logged this morning at the Witch in the name of consistency, and the PAX will be back at it next week.. same time and same place.

SYITG, Foghorn

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