Birthday Beatdown

AO: The Kodiak

When: 02/26/2018

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Cricket, C-4, Buckeye, Banjo, Pulte, Woody, Westside, Natty Lite, Manning, Homeboy, Legionnaire, Wham-O, Whiz, Hombre, Law Dog, Mickey, Fleetwood, Chitwood, Dory, The Mole, Misty, FNG - Ghandi, Harp, Voodoo, Nomad, Hasbro, Swisher, TitleMax, Yogi, Mickey, Floppy

We made it one year(ish).  The date on the flag is 2-27-17 so we are a day early with our celebration, but since we are a Monday/Wednesday beatdown, I feel like it counts.  Anyhow, it’s been a great year and a great year calls for a celebration.  In that year we have had over 60 Sad Clowns come out and take part in at least one beatdown.  We have survived one of the harshest winters by launching a 2nd AO in cherokee.  The HIMs of the Kodiak developed, lead, and took part in our own Special CSAUP event to raise money for a veterans organization.  We have sharpened and honed our GIF game in the Kodiak watercooler to new heights.  We have have built a group of accelerating men that are flourishing and leading in various organizations in our community.  I am very proud of what we have been blessed with and what we have been allowed to accomplish in 365 days.  This is a strong group of men that truly make each other stronger not just physically but in every facet of life.  We are better men because of each other.  For that I thank each and everyone of you that have made the Kodiak what it is.  

From our humble beginnings that were helped by those from Alpharetta such as Crack giving me guidance through the whole process of getting this thing planted to and Foghorn leading the Big Bang and the onslaught of men from the Alpha region that helped fill out our group at the photoshoot for the magazine spread.  To the men of Cherokee county that have been ripped from the couches and made the decision to no longer be a sadclown and to deny the fart sack a victory everyday that they take the DRP and venture out to the gloom.  HIMs that have stepped up into major leadership roles like Bloodhound who pushes us more than we wanted to go most days, but we hate and thank you and Homeboy who took the reigns for the Paragon, Manning who will soon be leading the charge as the AO Q of another planting we will be conducting, and Cricket who will be stepping up to be The Kodiaks AO Q this coming year.  And the 2 Kodiaks Banjo & Westside that made the decision to go to Chattanooga for the GrowRuck with me, and The Mole who stepped up to lead at the convergence on behalf of the Kodiak, and……  There are honestly to many HIMs that have made this past year possible, so thank you.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you to my M, who without her, and her willingness to take care of the kids and be my rock at home, this honestly wouldn’t have happened.  So make sure you thank your M’s as well, because I’m sure they do the same for you.  But let’s be honest, they reap the reward by seeing the transformation of there husband into all around better men.

So now what we did today:


10 Cotton Pickers

10 Windmills

And since its a Kodiak Birthday, we needed to get happy – so C-4 led us in a few rounds of Happy Jacks

The Thang

As YHC was coming up with a plan, I found it difficult to spell B Day, but I accomplished it:

B – BLIMPS suicides with a partner

D – DMK – K because up here it is a Kodiak crawl

A – Aiken Legs – Small modification – Monkey humpers in place of box jumps, it was wet and I didn’t need anyone getting hurt

Y – Yul Brynner – lots of Merkins

Mosey back to the flag to allow Bloodhound to lead us in a few of his 2 classics:

Sally with squats and finish us off with 50 IC Flutter kicks.


TClaps to the Alpha region for quick response to the Sandbox request.  The post that started in the Alpha water cooler at 1:30 found its way to the Paragons and hour later, and by 6:30pm we had a group of men with ex-NBA player Glenn Robinson HC to go down and visit on Sunday afternoon.  From Lawdog account, yesterday’s meet-up was awesome.  Good work all the way around.

Prayers for the Nomads brother

Prayers for the Shipley family who lost Amy Leigh Sipley, their M/mother this past weekend.


Dory has the Q tomorrow at the Firehouse, come support

2nd F Saturday March 3rd at Reformation Brewery at 6:30pm, M’s welcome

We now have an F3 The Kodiak group on facebook, search for F3 the Kodiak or give me (babyface) a shout and I will send you a link.

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