I like my shoulders smoked please.

AO: Widowmaker

When: 02/24/2018

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Devito, Saint 2o, Zima, Cookie, Special K

It was a beautiful morning. So beautiful that only 6 pax posted. We are assuming the other pax were out taking advantage of the weather and doing epic feats. Surely they weren’t in the fartsack. Regardless, at least 6 pax got stronger today. Here’s what happened.


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The Thang:

Merkin mile around the park. 10 merkins at every cross street or parking lot. Somewhere around 120 merkins and a little under one mile. Mosey up to the usual balls to the walls spot. Partner up. Partner 1 assumes the Balls to the Walls position. Partner 2 performs 10 ankle grinders. Flap jack. Repeat 3 times. This was quite pleasant. The blood rush to the head and inability to breathe made me forget about my shoulders and hands.

By now, it had only been 15 minutes and the pax were antsy for more. Mosey to the rock pile for a modified Dora. Partner 1 runs down to the road, around, and back up the hill. Exercises for Dora were 100 skullcrushers, 150 curls, 200 shoulder press. Once finished, partner 1 held rock over this head while partner 2 did 5 burpees. Then switch. Once the 6 was in, off to the turf field.

Partner up and line up on the goal line for some wheelbarrow mucho chesto. Partner 1 does 10 regular merkins, then Partner 2 picks up feet and wheelbarrows to the 18 yard line. Partner 2 then does 10 regular merkins and Partner 1 picks up his feet and helps him wheelbarrow back to the goal line. Then Partner 1 does 10 wide merkins. And so on until completing the mucho chesto progression. Gonna be honest. This pretty much sucked. But in the best way.

Indian run recovery lap and circle up in the middle for duck, duck, goose. Pax 1 starts running around the circle while the rest of the pax are holding plank. Once pax 1 is back home, pax 2 runs around the circle and remaining pax go to low plank. Then back up when it’s pax 3’s turn. Did a round of planks, 6 inches/90 degrees, and air chair/jump squats. Another Indian run lap and stop in the corner to finish our mucho chesto. No wheel barrow but completing all the merkins. Indian run back to the corner for a shared Mary. J-Lo, obliques, Devito torture/flutter kicks, buzzsaw, boxcutters, Freddy Mercury, LBCs.

Done. About 3 miles covered. 220 merkins plus burpees, ankle grinders, rock exercises. Good work today.


  • Prayers for pax with busted paws in need of recovery.
  • 3 pax for ruck. Miles and smiles for all 3.
  • YHC shared about a friend in her mid-twenties who got married about 2 years ago. Husband diagnosed with cancer last August. Passed away in December. Just a reminder that life tomorrow is not promised. Life with gratitude and make it count.

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