Leg Day Beatdown at Big Creek

AO: Big Creek

When: 02/22/2018

QIC: Olaf

PAX (): Swiper, Snake, Benny, Whiz


We gathered around the flag for some mumble chatter where Swiper enlightened us with the story behind purchasing a new bed. He chooses to believe the Monkey Humpers are paying huge dividends in the bedroom. After a good laugh, we moved on with a slow mosey down to the base of Mount Kilamanjaro for warmups. x10 SSH, x10 Hillbilly, x10 SunGods.

With our blood flowing, we moseyed up to the soccer field for the leg beatdown. We managed to find 6 corners on the field make the legs burn. We started out in corner 1 with 20 squats then karaoke to the next corner for 20 lunges then run to the midfield corner for 20 monkey humpers, then karaoke to the other midfield corner for 20 SSH, then run to the next corner for 20 SS Squats, then karaoke to the next for 20 gorilla humpers. Rinse and repeat in reverse order. By now we were feeling the burn so we changed it up for a 4 corners ab routine. Corner 1 = 20 crunchy frogs, Corner 2 = 20 big boy situps, Corner 3 = 20 LBC, Corner 4 = 20 American Hammers. Now back the legs. We circled up at midfield for a round of Bolt 45s, a round of Howling Monkeys, and last an ascending Lt. Dan till we reached 10 squats and 20 jump lunges.

With a little time to spare we moseyed back to the base of Mt. Kilamanjaro for two supersets of curb toe taps and calf raises. Then we moseyed back to the small pavilion where we lined up for a race to the flag. Finished up with short Mary consisting of 1 set of Rosalitas.

We closed out with praise for Benny’s mom recovering from pneumonia, prayers for his dad. Then a quick reminder of the F2 event at The Avalon tonight.

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