Gloomy Q training

AO: Paragon

When: 02/22/2018

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Smurfette, TitleMax, Kiffin, Legionaire, Cricket, Satellite, Good Hands, Fleetwood, Chief Whigham, HighTop, Cuban (Double Respect), Ricky Bobby, Garfield, Katniss, Who Dat, Papa John, Pulte, Homeboy, Law Dog

The men of the Paragon posted with something like 15 FNGs in January when it was 11 degrees and ice on the beards.  It has not slowed down since. 19 Pax posted at Badger Creek Park and this was a school break week and a park we have never been too.  We were here because of issues with the original AO and had been meeting at a Park a little closer to SHS, but with such strong numbers the Pax has been looking for other potential AOs.  YHC was excited by the space and number of fields, but traveling through a Park in the daylight hours is not the same as in the gloom (rookie mistake). Man was it gloomy. No street lights at all. It is the exact opposite of the Firehouse. Man can Forsyth Build a park.  But that did not deter the 19.  No FNGs but quick disclaimer reminding the Pax that we do work out in the gloom so be careful and on to Law Dog’s 2nd Semi-Annual Q school*.

Warm up and perfect cadence demonstration for the new Pax.

SSHs, Windmills, merkins, and Squats. YHC pointed out the perfect cadence call format and told the Pax to take note.

The Thang:

Run to the back right Parking lot for some COP BB (Circle of Pain Burpee Blast):  Every Pax got to call and exercise by rotating around the circle in rapid fire. 10 reps each.  After 4 exercises, the Pax took a 4 corner lap around the parking lot with 2:4:6 burpees at the first three corners and planked it up at the 4th for the 6.  Ran always facing South (or West, YHC was not sure did I say this place was Dark).  After 2 rounds, switch to 10 lbcs at the three corners. YHC under estimated the toll Route 66 and the Cooper the last two days took on my burpee capabilities). Finished the 5 round with burpees.

All together the pax called out merkins, werkins, Carolina dry docks, gorilla humbpers, big boy situps, lbcs, shoulder taps,  crunchy frogs and many other exercises I can not remember.

After a full circle starting and ending with YHC, Indian run back the front gate.  From there full sprint to the flag just in time for some Mary. Again started with YHC and rotated around the circle with Pax calling a Mary until time was up.

Name-O-Rama and COT


  • The Pax seemed excited about Law Dog’s 2nd Semi-annual Q School because they were all ready with a  exercise to call and brought variety.  VQs are coming for sure over the next week. In fact, saw on twitter Smurfette is already asking to take one.
  • We will be meeting at the New Dean Rusk Middle School next Tuesday.  It is in the same complex as SHS, so we are coming home.
  • 2nd F tonight at Avalon Barley Garden. Meet around 6:30 or earlier or Later. Just show up if you can.
  • 2nd F March 3 at Reformation Brewery. Ms Welcome.
  • As we continue to grow, we need to keep looking for ways to expand F3 to the communities we live in making the world a little better one sadclown at a time.


*F3 is a peer-led workout led by men in a rotating fashion. We are not professionals. YHC is clearly not a professional and his form of Q school is nothing more than calling on all Pax to lead an exercise in a fun and enjoyable way where the men can’t say no because there is no where to hide. It offers no true certification other than getting that first Cadence Count out of the way. All Pax are welcome to take Law Dog’s Semi-annual Q School to there home AOs. But please use the name because it sounds awesome and a lot better than say “Crack’s Semi-annual Q School” or “Homeboy’s Semi-annual Q School.”

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  1. Fine. If I ever Q a non-tWxtW event again and decide that this type of drab Q is worth copying, I will name it per your trademark.

    However, if you EVER use the term “CrackBlast” on one of these lame-ass postings that actually tell everybody who wasn’t there what happened to those that were there, then you can count… on me … and you … in the parking lot … not sure which parking lot … probably giving you a high five or two.


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